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Maybe it's a sip. Dial. I think it was what happened. I think there was a split Diop's. The split Di Di Di up and listen in that scenario. Let's say you're in the theater, and you're like I am fairly confident that it's being projected at the wrong aspect ratio. I kinda game out on my head. 'cause I caught it real early. Right. When the movie starting right? I was like just to stipulate the movie has started. Everybody's watching the I walk in after the trailers. I generally do not wanna see. But you see what I'm saying though. Like if you are going to be that guy like they're going to have to tear up some rugs to restart the whole. Yep. I'm sitting. I'm sir sitting in the middle of my road. So if I was to leave what would be the procedure. If I wanted to sort of remedy, the situation definitely grumble and make huffing noises. I could've gotten up made everyone stand up, which they would've they would have been really upset. The sound of standing. And then I would have gone out to the manager. I would have been to someone I can't speak to a manager. And they would say, yes, I'm missing the movie and waiting for the manager. He comes out measures like what's wrong. And I'm like, I think the movies being projected at the wrong aspect ratio. Then he's probably gonna come into the theater and squint at the screen and either disagree with me. And tell me I'm crazy or say, I'm really sorry. It is. And then what's he gonna do? He's probably gonna offer me a refund for the film. But like, he's not gonna fix it. The stop the movie and fix it and restart it. And even if they did probably the whole theater would be fucking furious because I interrupted their movie experience. Actually, that's why I say, yes. No, there's no like good way. So I just sat there like a cock? And I watched it at the wrong aspect ratio. But I answered of eager to go back and see it again. I can't believe I'm saying this. But like, I really I really enjoyed the movie and there I was like so much going on. I'm not spoiling liked it. That's not a specific. You like something is not a spoiler. I liked it. And there was so much going on and. Was it was such a it was it was such a busy, and and cool film? I'm I'm wanna see it again. I kept no one is more. I'm so disappointed myself. But I really liked it. I've already seen it twice. And I had no one of those. I think this is probably a good thing. But it's one of those films when you see it it almost like immediately calls out to like I wanna see that again like role that again. I I want a good feeling just such. It was I- matchy started keeping a tally in theater of how many times I teared up. I didn't know I had. No, yeah. I'm actually really excited to talk about some like just the whole every like this in game of thrones. Give crying and not in the third act. The wait. What were you crying in parts that weren't the third act?.

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