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Molina terrence howard allama garza wow when was it on it aired two thousand eleven okay i remember i remember skied all rich i remember now skied aldridge being in it why did not work i wonder i don't know even have a law and order england they do yeah it's crazy i don't remember what is top of the heap that's listed here as a spin off for it doesn't say it just says the name of the top of the heat that's why i want to look it up i remember i kind of remember the title sounds like a game show try to be top of heat man we all eat can you get to the cia heap here's johnny olson do we have a married with children spinoff feature charlie verduci played by joseph bologna oh that's what it was the sun vinnie matt leblanc matt leblanc who is the who is the people who will that's they were on an episode of up on an episode of married with children they were like repairmen or something and they were going to do work on the house and the entire episode you saw two seconds of the bundy's and the entire episode was joseph bologna and matt leblanc as a setup for top of the heap i just forgot the name of the show was top of the that's how a lot of spin off start a lot of spin offs it's like they'll like have the you know the actual stars of the show on for like two minutes and then they leave and cash i would have thought maybe one of the kids yeah the dog no it was just two guys that just they just two guys who were like repairman and they shoes store yeah somebody in the shoe store gets so or the kids seven he gets his own how would watch the one with the dog just the dog the doug that'd be great it'd be like that bunny show greg the bunny yeah except it's a real dog greg bunny was a puppet that's fine i mean whatever they have the dog talking they did have a dog going to work but yeah that was that was terrible i think most people think boy i'll tell you matt leblanc has been in some terrible offs joey he can only well now because he's on the show now episodes yeah it's real good but it's like yeah no it's it's really good actually it's very funny and profane and he gets he gets he gets away with a lot because it's on showtime so but i think a lot of people would consider perhaps the worst off ever to be joanie loves chachi just unbelievable on believably bad and happy days had a couple of other mindy was a happy day spin off how do they not give remember his name fonzie yeah well he was the star of happy days because ron howard left so for like the last for the last four seasons of happy days it was all he was happy yeah but yeah and a lot of threes crowd and the roeper both terrible spinoffs and three's company the roper is they left after two seasons i think are three seasons and that essentially just three's company but all of them were like that it was all about misunderstandings they people live next door the overheard some jeffrey tambor was their neighbor crowd and then the roper roper i'm sorry on the roper is he was he was on tree's a crowd was when jack and his wife now are together and they have to deal with robert man dan from soap as her father who hates jack do they have do they have a spin off for that show with the three the two daughters and the guy who drew the cartoon oh it was called it was tonight three's a crowd no i've watched a few no no no yeah i love that show what the hell's the name of that what's the name of that show it's ted knight deborah van valkenburgh from scott j jim j jim j bullock yeah it took place in france from cisco okay i have to find we have to break but i have to find out what the navy they know chain too close for comfort because i know it changed the dodgers were gone and the town yeah i used to love that show okay we have to break we got the news coming up as world i'll see you tomorrow jams friday all the other cool stuff all right we'll be back after this news.

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