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And we're back it's adas money show success face a one listener listeners will this lower home loan interest rates car rates credit card rates etc it may in all to be interesting to hear interest rates are an interesting thing because it's not necessarily tied to that interest rates are tied to something else when banks and credit unions compete because they can go outside of the lending requirements of the dodd frank act then we could say yes it could potentially lower rates could that's good we want kapp ed to be able to say hey we're deposit rich right now so we want to make more loans and to be able to compete against other credit unions and banks by offering better rates because they're flush with cash so yes it absolutely could what i see is is the dodd frank act did something that kind of messed up the ability for the new entrepreneur the young person who wants to get started or the older person that wants to do what they watched their friends do which is let's say get rich in real estate the dodd frank act made if removed your ability to start starting is really tough as you know i mean you may have the great ideas you got the hammer you you can go out find a piece of property and cuna in say you know i got this great idea but then you go to a bank and they say well we love your idea it's really cool but you know here's the deal you got to forty three percent loan devalue or loan to income data in whatever it's gonna be we can't do only because dodd frank terada way which is it's still gone however if you could find a small bank that says you know what we get it we we love this piece of property we've been waiting for somebody to develop on it we like your idea shows the business plan yes because otherwise doddfrank me of improbably against the wishes of the left when they really pushed for the dodd frank act to be created it may have just further enrich the.

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