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Hardy in the Gulf Coast. Does dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center, like high pressure moves onto the east of the area opens up south wind from the Gulf of Mexico and here comes some eighties in the forecast. Spring in the air now with mid seventies here for this afternoon. I was kind of a cool start to the week yesterday. Fifty four degrees. Our low tonight Wednesday, mostly cloudy, seventy five and the chance for some thunderstorms. Eighty five on Thursday, I'm Scott Lawrimore at the Weather Channel sunny in sixty four at the KTAR, h Westside northside Lexus weather center. Twelve thirty one our top story beautiful day, but ugly and Crosby where that explosion. At the Ken coal plant has reportedly killed one worker and sent to others to a hospital. It's led to shelters in place orders for Crosby, Sheldon channel view and other ISD's in that area. Everyone within a one mile radius of the Camco plant is under a shelter in place. Order a thick black plume of smoke can be seen rising from the plant off. Highway ninety Harris County sued Kim co. In two thousand eight for spills and fumes facility has had dozens of OSHA violations since two thousand ten explosion in two thousand eleven sent workers to a hospital. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says allegations of inappropriate behavior against former vice president Joe Biden are not disqualifying Biden is considering a presidential run in two thousand twenty but Pelosi told politico, I'm sorry that you were offended is not an apology to women have come forward accusing creepy old uncle Joe Biden of unwelcome physical contact right now, the Dow is down one hundred four, but the NASDAQ is up a dozen s and p five hundred down to now more rush. Scott Crowder, Usery of sudden, forty KTAR h. Seventy seven percent of rural counties lack sufficient primary healthcare. Blue Cross Blue shield is working to fill that gap. I placing former military medics and communities.

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