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You know toadies possum kingdom had been out for more than three years in the world had had not quite gotten. It's fill of that song yet. the steelers and the jaguars. Jaguars are then in their third season since joining nfl expansion team they were rivals in the afc central this before the thirty two team or even the thirty. One team Alignment they are so. They're in the afc central along with the bengals the ravens and the tennessee oilers at that point and we had answering machines back then you had landlines and when he called someone. They didn't pick up This answering machine with a micro cassette tape in it would would answer the call and someone will leave a message if you were really cool. There's this whole cottage industry of parody songs that would allow people to know that you had not actually answered the phone and they should leave a message after the of course in highschool the thing to do was if like your friend through a party because their parents were away you change the answering machine message to like profane adam sandler quotes and then that friend briefly funny and your friend gets in trouble and then you. You don't get to have parties anymore. That's just not the long term thinking you do at that point so anyways. That's what we have a steelers. Jaguars in division rivalry and a world in which people have answering machines in which you walk through the door. You're not gonna plug in ear buds or anything. You're just going to press play and that message is going to play. And perhaps your whole family will hear this messages so october. Nineteen ninety-seven jaguars are playing the steelers. Jaguars get the ball. I i. I'm the game. Mark brunell drops back throws incomplete for jimmy smith on the right side of the field. What no one saw on the left side of the field was that Greg lloyd who's an outside linebacker. That's the old three forty. Two steelers ran under bill cower. He's an outside linebacker basically In edge rusher there. As soon as was snapped he makes a beeline for keenan mccardell the jaguars receiver and just absolutely lights him up. Just last him destroys him. Somehow doesn't get flagged because it's maybe because it's completely away from the ball but yeah this is how the game starts so i'm going to pick this up real quick from keenum makarios point of view because This is how his day starts This ends up being in overtime win for the steelers. After the game lloyd finds mcardle again and sort of gets in his face and his like be a man own up to what you did and keenan mccardell. I think genuine genuinely like i kind of believe him here. He has no idea what greg lloyd talking about. But this is what lloyd was talking about. So someone at some point during the week had called the loyd household. No-one picked up the answering machine takes message and left a profane message. What lloyd apparently was telling people he described it as a death threat and it's on answering gene so it's it was maybe heard by the entire lloyd family..

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