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The ball back in the second half they can make a game of a first things first though they got to figure out how to get this thing into the end jonah punch it in four wide receivers to on each side line of scrimmage deal in the shotgun takes the step health faked a handoff fronted up the metal very close to a firstdown gumbi about yards shy as these inside the public south in one forty three remaining in the second quarter in you're you're right credit at at the very least you want to make sure the clock is at zero yeah when you're done with your driveway where the other three wide receiver for neil hans it off to car sia garcia of the metal inside the five down to the three a vista ridge player loses his helmet dalby a fresh set it down four vista ridge qwaqwa stop with 122 to go in the second wildest sticks are readjusted it will be first in goal from the to kneel in the shotgun time out this ridges been others howard to before today and last time they were down here three in a row losing a yardage plays and we'll see if they can punched a sense if they learned anything from last time you know what like on that second down spot i thought it was a rough spot uh by the officials there because i think they spotted about a yard and a half short of where i think he actually went down but good job by garcia get that first down coming up at halftime we will recap these scoring uh you will hear the name marcel barbie a bit and hand this google it all your way they will give our thoughts on the first half and then we'll be joined by dan moore made of a chassin now dot com is here covering the game of course he covers uh all clarifications throughout the state so we'll get kind of a global perspective on what's going on in each of these postseasons from dan coming up at halftime as well first in gold from the two out a timeout yoga throw it in throws it right into the arms of a.

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