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We've across town shoot out the doesn't read the buzz it used to the Bengals Browns match up the doesn't create above the kinda used to Jeff Bob the bangles dot com what's going on Mike how you doing thanks for I have Miano the buzz got a little bit taken out of an in Cleveland there with their loss to clutches in Steelers home so you will not open the weapon will take advantage of that it was their first win so I'd like music advantage of it to mean at some point and people know this in my pool I have to take the bangles sometime between now and the end of the season so I don't know exactly yeah I mean I think mentally they might have a little bit of an edge on our Cleveland like I said I think you know they were so hyped up during the year you know they were going to have a Super Bowl parade there yeah now there you know now they're cleaning and other cleaning up and will be interesting to see it you know I think the bangles has done a pretty good spot hello super clean with the US yeah I mean adult intends to play well when he feels like he's been dissed that was last week I see that carried over into this week too and these got John Ross back on top yeah I mean it's huge seven Ross back but yeah I thought and definitely play with the chip on shoulder and get some help on offense of wind it didn't it didn't give up a lot of pressure you know that pi played their best game of the year and you know you put no I think it could be one of those days where you know you put Ross in a line up you get X. it is and has a hot hand he's very motivated to he wants to get four thousand yards yeah you know he's a very motivated guy right now and you know you might see kind of game you start to wonder what if you know what Ross in a line up would pull it and you know before us got hurt these guys had IT nine please at least thirty yards in the first month of the season so they can use a couple of Sundays so where the Browns real problem the lack of discipline C. R. W. tell me what is that part there near the league leaders in penalties right but I yeah I'm not mistaken the great thing in order for me last night that it was the the the tangles I had to have the fewest penalty yards on the Browns of the molds yeah so you know you want to talk about the difference between the free kitchens and Zach Taylor runs you know that's that's one that that's the that's the first place to look take a hard look there and I think to Mike is safe and I think they've been trying to force feed back to try to keep them happy and I think that's come city I think that's for them they did take place then run game I think they get a terrific one game with a Chubb and hunt I don't think they really committed to it you know because they're trying to keep everybody happy land green Beckham and you know I hope the I hope they ignore Chubb and and hunter one more day we'll see what happens all right Jeff ABS good Doug do and bangles dot com is just full of fun facts in Bengal information I thank you every weekend I do the same Sir so you.

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