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Cyber agriculture. They filled a shipping container with fancy equipment to control the farming environment including lights, that gave basil plants the equivalent of a twenty four hour, sunshine, they carefully monitored everything. And the result they say was Richard, tastier basil. Jersey one point five instant weather rain returns by Thursday, but one more nice day. First, tonight's low in the mid to upper fifties, just a few clouds becoming overcast, again on Wednesday highs back in the low to mid seventies Thursday. Occasional rain, heavy at times, perhaps very cool. North highs in the mid sixties, mid upper seventies, central and south sunshine. Breezy on Friday. Highs both sleep in the seventies, I'm meteorologist Mark tibido. Now I gotta find. All right. We've got it's under everything sixty eight degrees in brigantine, sixty two degrees in various, sixty seven degrees in free. All fast traffic instinct, weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey. What, what? By what eight hundred two eight three point five. Jerseys opening lines. Go to special edition tonight is on Thursday. And he goes, I love to give away stuff. What I'm giving away tonight, Bobby Collins. Flip art theater, Saturday July thirteenth. They got you tickets, right? Here we go to parts dot Ford, 'cause you wanna buy, I encourage. I give you the open line of a song we play every weekend on New Jersey, one zero one point five when the music comes out the play if you get it, right. You get to take it is that simple. So jump on. I got it open slot here. And while I wait for you went to the Frankie, and south Plainfield, New Jersey, one point five. Hey, Frankie day Steve. Oh, what's up? Good. How are you? Finally. Taking no thinking Thursday night. My sons graduate sixth grade..

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