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What's up everybody this is stick to football and welcome to the first mock draft monday myself and mellow were sitting in the joplin studio and they'll let say hello what's up everybody connor is in new york that's right what's going on guys and we haven't been together on a show since the combine and we had so much fun we said we need to go to three shows a week in april because it's draft season and so every monday morning we're going to put out a new mock draft and this week we got together guys and decided we're going to do something that i normally don't get to do in especially in written form we're going to do what we would do with this mock draft so no trades but what we would do not what we're hearing so this will be a little more like true to our value i picked pigs one four seven yada yada yada mellow will pick second going to pick third because he's a jets fan so let's right let's not waste any time let's jump right into it because we have to fly through thirty two picks here because inland brown's number one i'm going to continue to go with not only what i am hearing but what i would do sam darnold usc here's the top quarterback on my board i think the combination of toughness football iq yet there's some concerns with his game they're concerned with all these quarterbacks game i liked darnold as the best fit especially for cleveland i feel like it's very environmentally specific in terms of the culture and what they they need somebody who can handle all of that pressure he can do it i agree with you that's the safe pick right here and like we've talked about many times before they've gotta get the quarterback right so go get the one that you think is the best in this class all right number two mellow what would you do if you're the new york giants are you going to re reboot this entire thing with a quarterback or are you going to try to ride it out ally ryan this we are going what we what we want to do not what we think's going to happen so for me i think eli has done this guy shit he can't play anymore shoe the last year so i'm going to take josh rosen and i'm just gonna totally start rebuild leading this thing you've got odell beckham still as of today so i'm going to give josh rosen he's got some targets go rebuild this thing with a good quality young quarterback man i couldn't agree more with that show us this is probably every jets fan worst nightmare got darnold rosen off the board but do not have fear baker mayfield at number three is due in this situation a guy that fits into that locker room which emol adams under todd bowles with jeremy bates in his offense a guy that can win a lot of football games i think he could blossom in new york and i think if that's how the board falls this is the pick the jets have to make i feel so sorry for you this is the position of put you in where you have surprised non surprising so that puts me on the board of pick for the cleveland browns are back on the clock and i'm gonna go saquon barkley best player in the draft and it was a month ago that i was talking about all the buzz was maybe they just take saquon at one if they love him maybe they just take him now because this trait up unless the giants take him in to they don't have to worry about it they can get their quarterback and they can get the best player in the class and saquon barkley and holy shit that backfield is amazing which i also said about andrew luck and trent richardson very very so we'll see how that works out for you i feel like you guys just get to home here in draft your favorite players basically and then you're up at five with denver i'm just gonna keep throwing curveballs because again this is what i would do if i'm the denver broncos and i'm sitting there i'm not taking a guy like josh allen i'm going to go show up that often blind i'm gonna take clinton nelson here five i think that makes a ton of sense so you got case keenum on a two year deal me and matt of talked about this i.

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