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And then a kind of like spiralled out from there and now plus china has an attorney lisa bloom who's kind of known now for taking revenge foreign cases she is maybe pressing charges she got a restraining order i would like to first and foremost thank digest for granted need this restraint in order to protect me and i'm just going to get back to cope hanson dream alike on online going on when you think about it i guess the thing that i find most disgusting is rob crashing and obviously lake he's just like the most entitled person like whiny baby bratt whose lake allowed to be fat and still be rich and famous lake you do anything that he has history have to do they take one for the team all the time they work out everyday or they go get surgery which by the way he like one of the things that he released about china's that they've got he paid for her to have this like weight loss surgery after the baby like pay for your own fucking weight loss surgery like why didn't he oughta fat other hundred thousand dollars honorees he's been a hundred k on on her weight loss surgery was lake why didn't they get his in hers retired general hoyer on earth for until late since off so much yeah i mean i think that lake anybody shevah right to like him good as fast as you want an and work right i'm saying there's like a lot there's a canal yet there's a lot of reasons why you would do that or you have to do that but he's one of those people who very much gets to have it both ways where he has to like you said he gets to kind of experienced this limelight whereas like clue he had to get her revenge body mike i guess lately change her face to like even begun writer has of all or the or the crashing i mean yeah no rob rob is just been living off of his sister's whatever he's been writing their coattails for so long and it is.

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