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And I think we'll probably start to see him. My guess would be after he unveils who is vice presidential pick will be. But who knows? Maybe maybe they think Maybe they think he's not up to it and I wanted that's what I wanted to touch on. Next. We're talking Florida politics publisher Peter Shore Sheer on PM Tampa Bay. There is no way That he can pick. Congresswoman Karen Bass right at that. He can't make that decision. Her ties to communism that plays right. That would be like a gift. He might as well just donate to the Trump campaign. If he's going to do that. I don't know why. I mean, there's there's something to be said about being thoughtful and trying to project fossil misses The counter to Trump's like just, you know, deciding by the gut, But I don't get why Ah, you know, Karen Bassett's in that mix I don't get there's a couple of other people, you know I get you want Susan Rice, but there's some people that just listen. It's Kemal Harris, or it's like one other person or else. And that's it. I mean, it's just You know, especially because You know, we are with Joe Biden. We are. You know, if you're voting for him, you are very much. Rolling the dice that that person is going to probably still in Yeah. I mean, I don't understand, built the directions that there's vice presidential search has taken. I mean, it can't be Susan Rice. I do not. The last thing I want to hear about is Benghazi for the next couple of months. Talk about just a horrible ending 2020 Karen bass with the ties to communism. I mean, they're right there. You know, That's where the Trump campaign wants to take the election. She's also got that stuff that she did with Scientology. I mean, they're gonna have a Field day with that to me, I look at it and I say based on the names that have been out there and I get the whole Kamala Harris thing, But I think Val Demings Tammy Duckworth's. Those are solid choices. They they enter in some, I think difficult. Circumstances for the Trump campaign in terms of lines of attack. I think those are the two most interesting to me. I don't know if that's the direction he'll go, but that's where I would be looking. You know, sometimes I think I think there's a lot in politics. But If it hasn't been Kamala Harris, then I guess it's not gonna be Kemal Harris at the point. That's what I said, You know, e mean, we're you know, we're in August 4th right now. You know if you're going to do it, man, you're going to do it tomorrow. Maybe Thursday morning. You know, just the way cycles go or you're going to hold up the next week. Something must be there something she must not like. They must not be. You know, I think your body's term has been simpatico. Maybe they're not. Um and something is Duck course, is such an interesting choice because Agents, just the exact opposite of Donald Trump. But I just I don't know. I just don't know if she is If she's up for this kind of, um, attacks from Republicans. I don't know if You know, are they? Well, they how NASA will they be to someone who even served her country and has given life and limb for her country. You know, I just don't know if she wants to. Get into that fight with these folks. I think that puts the Trump campaign and Republicans in a difficult position. And if I'm Joe Biden? I'm looking for two things right now. I'm looking for somebody who is going to scare away moderate voters, eyes going to scare away Maybe some people disaffected with the president, and I'm looking for somebody who puts the Trump campaign in a difficult position. Who kind of you almost want to go them into an attack where it's gonna backfire. And I feel like on a number of different levels. Val Demings and Tammy Duckworth's could potentially be that person. Where is Kamala Harris or Susan Rice or Karen Bass? They will go after them with everything they've got, and they'll enjoy every second of it. Yeah, I guess I really Karen Bath when I mean, you see how bad it's played, especially here in Florida. Let's hope that that one The Democrats sake is off the table. Let's talk about governor to Santis and I'm joined by Florida politics publisher Peter Shore. She confined him online at Florida politics dot com. His interview with South Florida TV host This was the 1st 1 that he did. Where was pretty extensive interview where he was challenged a bit. What were your big takeaways from that discussion and some of the things that he's had to say over the past couple of days? Rhonda scientist really wants a reset. They really want to restart. Ah, and but I don't think he has sold himself on it yet. You know, it's like one of these, um you know, it's like the Michael Scott joke. On the office where you know, he says. That's what she said. You know, and he can't resist saying it. And so, you know, the Santos wants to say no. He wants to say, X and want to say why, but he still wants to get in that little jibe against the media. We still want to get in. You know the dig on the data, and it's just, you know, as you're watching him. And you got somebody like the CD, you know, going out and defeating, asking the great follow up questions. I mean, this has basically been this great week of political interview. Follow up questions. You know, you don't just take the answer. You're like, Wait a second, sir. You also said this We saw that with Trump and now the Santas, and it's just like I don't know if the Santis his heart is really into the recent. I think he still thinks, you know, especially as you're watching today when he was at the senior center, and I was talking about like hugging. Your relative and that that's okay. And everything like that. He still doesn't want to get to that mass mandate, even though places like Mississippi on getting the Mississippi Alabama Now, he said, And this is a really infuriated me The other day. In that interview, he was asked about masks and he said, Um I also think its important to just be honest with people. You know the mass. There's a lot of disagreement in the scientific literature about how much protection that gives you How does he still not understand? When you wear the mask? You're mainly protecting others, not you're so I mean, this is like basic stuff. And there is no disagreement in the scientific literature about the protection that mass offer other people when you wear them. It's certain Insanally zero, You know, other than some people on O N O A And and, you know, touting a douchey interview from four months ago, where he made a mistake and said Mass don't work as much. All of the evidence shows. Not only that it affects other people. But increasingly for your own self interest. Like this week, we saw so much medical documentation coming up it protect you that even as you get it. That if you're wearing a mask, get a left screen of it. Alexis William went strange. So if you don't care about the west of the world, but you just care about yourself, which is so many people. Just where you know Hashtag where? Math and again I just don't understand why I don't understand why it doesn't start every interview with Hey, where math park about stuff. I got to go by the way. Beware, Mac. I mean, how hard I don't know, And he won't do it, and that opened the door. And that's the last thing I want to touch on with you that opened the door for our agriculture commissioner Nicky Free to put out her own messaging campaign on this. What do you make of that? Is that just she had an opening, so she took it. Is there some broader strategy there is this just her trying to show for a potential race for governor or Senate race done down the road that she can lead during a crisis. I feel very British Parliament to me feels very shadow Government like you've got to come up with your own thing. Even though it really you know, I don't know what the impact or effective it is. You know none with, um And Unfortunately, the Santas and free just can't go on the same page again. It would be amazing. In the time of a pandemic. I'm.

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