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Careerbuilder calls it the great rehire and we want to help you get the best jobs before everyone else. Careerbuilder gives you the competitive edge to get the job you want at the salary you want with the benefits he wants. We even send job alerts. So you're perfect job lens right in your inbox. Go to career builder. Dotcom today or get left with whatever. Jobs are left. Find your next job. Fast at careerbuilder dot com now bringing the closer here's why. Mlb is better than the nfl or nba and it isn't even close. Baseball has some unbelievable roots. I know people questioning whether it's the national pastime. But i got a story for you. Are you ready for this. Baseball was played among the egypt's pyramids in eighteen. eighty nine. you hear me. I mean it sounds crazy but it did happen. I mean baseball has been played everywhere. If you want to be honest aircraft carrier midnight sun game in alaska and then we just saw an i on the cornfield but yes it is true. Are you ready for this. On this day february ninth in eighteen eighty nine the chicago white stockings. This that's what they would call back then. Claimed against the team of nationally all stars at the great pyramids in ginza. Egypt a place that i have visited and is unbelievable and they played their a part of a tour all over the world presenting baseball. Can you imagine baseball. Eighteen eighty nine seem real but the love of baseball and baseball's travels. I mean the stories. I just don't think other sports can say that. Ns what makes baseball special.

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