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Have there is also the creator of the powerfully effective three day meal plan and IBM or I'm sorry for IBS flare ups and the natural IBS support. Facebook group have their you're the bomb. You are the bombings. I said this after those last episode, but hanging out with you guys is like the biggest boost my ego. You guys just tell me how great AM just I leave. And I'm like, I'm true. We only tell the truth girlfriend. So as Kathleen said guys, if you didn't listen to episode seventy nine I wanna make sure that you go back and listen to the first episode, and while this isn't necessarily the same topic. They are dove-tailing really nicely together. Because you're gutting such a real inside look into Heather's business model, and she's been gracious enough to share it with you. So if you can listen to these back to back, it makes the most sense to do. So Heather, I are you ready to dive into your questions? Sure. All right. This is a ask Heather anything episode, and we have five or six really good questions for you. Wait. You know, what I realized what you know, how we talk about how moments. Yeah. Well, ask how there anything is a h a it's a Hasso get ready. Oh, wow. You are like the of acronyms lane. I know I can't help it. Kathleen, brain works in acronyms. Actually, works a mysterious ways. We're not sure we're all having that moment together because that's something. I did not know. All right. So had there. What did the things that you've done? Really, well, and I've I've gotten to see inside your business with you. But the thing that you've done really well in the past year that certainly has led to the dramatic grow growth of your coaching business. If I can get this out his connecting with influencers online and offline so can you tell us more about how you do that. And what your process is to reach out to others in your industry. Yeah. Like while connecting with other people to what I usually think of first before I even connect with anyone is like what else do my clients or my tribe need with their growth and with their what's going on with them. It went healthwise. So I kind of think about what would support them as much beyond what I do. So like, if I were, you know, and I do have this in my resource like who is on there like what cookbooks which products what you know, things like that. What else could be really helpful in supporting them? And so that kind of helps me get a list together of different people in products and things like that immediate could look at talking to about, you know. About connecting do collaborations and things like that. So that's kind of like for step with with figuring out. Is that kind of where you're going with that? Karen? Yeah. Till can you give us an example of something you did this year that would fall into that category? Did a lot of things this year? With that. It was kind of my goal is usually to try and do one collaboration of months to try and figure it out recently. I did I take teamed up with five other nutritionists, and we did a group. Low lock close called the five gut feeling recipes for fall. So we all kind of put in a recipe, I got my listen to just create it up and put it up, and we're all sharing it on our to our Email and social media platforms and things like that to help expand our reaches, but in terms of even just like support of thing. Like, I talked about in the last episode that something that's also a problem for my IBS clients are mental health issues depression anxiety. So I actually tied up in did a collaboration interview with a mental health nutritionist that specialized the next that's not my specialty. But I know how to support it a little bit. But she in particular like that. Thing that's her baby. So she had like supplement recommendations in food recommendations are all geared towards like towards brain, bringing healing and different strategies. I didn't even know about with, you know, calming anxious mind and things like that. So we did I kind of a little mini interview. And then she shares it to her people, and I shared might people kind of doing Claverie like that. So looking at things that my clients need that go beyond, but I do I team to use Bom Bronx allot.

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