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Much of Mercer island but I don't hear reports of anything block and I can't find anything on the cameras yet any state in that building as you're approaching the tiger mountain summit our next couple traffic at seven fifty four double forecast for the rest of the day cloudy day we will see the sun pop out little bit later on today but because of the morning clouds will only see a high temperature in the mid to upper seventies today tomorrow a few more clouds and a very slight chance of some very very very light sprinkles in the morning highs tomorrow only making it to the low to mid seventies and then if you were clouds on Sunday which means in a warm up a little bit with highs in the mid seventies right now at sixty one degrees in Seattle stay connected stay informed como news powered by triple a roadside assistance it is seven forty six on a Friday morning the sixteenth day of August good morning I'm Brian Calvert's again for Greg Amanda Franklin's he is at the editor's desk as we take a look at some of our top stories locally this morning one woman is dead several others hurt after a wrong way crash on I. for all five in Bothell police tell us the woman was driving south in the northbound lanes when she crashed into another car she was taken to the hospital with critical injuries where she later died three other people were hurt in that accident they are expected to survive from national and world headlines democratic congresswoman Rasheeda to leave says she will not visit her relatives in the west bank after Israel issued a permit on humanitarian grounds citing oppressive conditions meant to humiliate me Walmart estimates it sells one out of every fifty guns and that one out of every five bullets are sold at their stores in the U. S. census some recent mass shootings including the one at the el Paso Walmart that left twenty two people dead the megastore has come.

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