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It's an aggregate conspiracy theory for the twenty first century and everything has become like that are internet Culture is our only culture. It's created a kind of a globalist mono culture and it's a culture that has no memory of itself had no awareness of anything outside the online when we say somebody's terminally online where all terminally online. And you knew. I think is very interesting. Is how the medium keeps changing the discourse like i read a lot of books on media criticism and analysis and you have books that talk about how literacy in the printed word changed the brain and the culture. Something like walter. Ong's o'reilly and literacy. But then you have something that talks about. How tv changed Her movies own change things like that. Neal gabler book benders things about how. Tv changed things like Amusing ourselves to death. By neil postman or the image bye-bye daniel burstein or things that talk about everything all those different mediums like marshall mcluhan he talks about how that a lot of culture in the brain now. Everything one of the kind of talks about all the mediums but The meetings have been changing faster than never. Like i feel like they change faster than we can produce the books about it because we don't have time and isolation to get the distance from anything and we don't get enough accumulated time under the thing to really do like a real discussion so it's kind of like we had under the internet. We had just the general internet than we had The blog culture which wasn't quite the same as social media. It was it was different. You know the blog was halfway between a long form Article what eventually became became like a tweet. The blog was something else and that had a very specific effect on discourse oliver was moving things toward the ephemeral. a sit down book is less federal than a daily newspaper. Which is you know. Still less ephemeral than a tv broadcast which is still less ephemeral than like you know a blog post or or twitter know the the blog post is..

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