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Of games determined draft picks on that so But either way. Sanford to auto logan brown and a conditional fourth it looks like one of those trades maybe that might benefit both guys could produce use a change of scenery. Yeah and going back to sanford. I guess i'll say probably the best memory of a cup parade Him puking on the driver because he was so buckled from the night before and from that day and that day he was he was trying to get the hair of the dog. And i'm to chase it away. He ended up. Yuck it on the driver in that drop top but I tell you what man he was. He was really really big in that cup. Run for the saint louis. Blues was he was one of the guys involved in that altercation. I got them going wasn't he. Yes he he's the one who got beat up by art. Bob your twos. Oh bob you're no so. I mean sanford man he He he was very impactful on his time. There and as far as them bringing in logan brown you mentioned that injury brought bug ra. I think even dealt with it a little bit junior Up and down between the miners in ottawa. Maybe adds a little at the center. Position and armies seeing a little bit more than i guess. Maybe what other people are. So we'll see. I mean it's it's people. Put a lot of stock into these guys and and how much they perform earlier in their careers. But i mean the guy's only twenty three years old and some guys are just you know late bloomer so going to an organization like saint louis with a lot of good wily veterans surrounding him. I think you know maybe he could take that next step and become a full-time Nhl any healthy. Who'll like saint louis. So maybe that really gives a majority prior always wanted to play for the blues. Now he's going home cooking cooking fuel the play not here before we get to rob lenna buddy. Hazy had to a little surgery He got abdominal surgery. I guess he escaped and felt a little tweak. He did of the hernia issue. Baccarat the shia He's gonna miss about the first nine or ten games. You also spoke with the media about losing his brother. And how much hockey community has rallied around him and supported him. And it breaks your heart to see caveat talk like that but it was nice to hear him acknowledge you know how kind the greater hockey muse bench on wet. It was great and you talked about all these different people who reached out to him and former and current teammates. Who showed up to jimmy's funeral and services. And i think it's also cool that he mentioned how close him and keith. Yandell are and the fact that they're living together. This year helps otani socks to see him get injured but he'll get back at healthy and be there for most of the season. It's just a bummer. To begin your season going under the knife and with with something you've dealt with in the past and not to make light of a surgery but You know. When i got face call facetime call from yan's he was there in the room because you said they're living together and i think that he got just as bad as a haircut on his ball bag as i did on my head from the nurse before his surgery because he still had sideburns off the side of his horn. Much like the guy who cut myself they those those those things a hair. Jewish people have tendrils. I don't know that'd be a question for you. Know what that is is that a little jewish orthodox even looking over the curly accused on the side a fish hanging tendrils pot of an animal payout. What's the tendrils google kendra tendrils like an antenna. Some sort of an animal. If i'm mistaken coleman gulf you had to litters on the entire time. God that is dash five all he kinda swing a tendrils a slender thread like appendage of a climbing plant also often in spiral form that stretches out it's basically like a vine tendrils on the side more probably the more politically correct way to say about it. So actually you got. Plus five there with ardine how jewish orthodox people dragged through the mobile curly coupon curlicue aspect to it. If you look at the pitch. So i wonder if the alkyl picture we'll get that on we're business haircut pictures on. Maybe maybe he actually had the same guy cut his ball back before surgery. That cut my salad. Ten handle something also to plan the whole thing time. Frankly told as he had any good ones lately. No i slowed down. He's just he's. He's an instagram influence or now. So he's right. Asian four four the other day to break eighty for the first time in his life. A what about what about make him the first non hockey player to join a sandbag. Or he may be him. Net haven together do it. I think that that would be an absolute monster head now. People viewing it'd be a. Who are these people would be. If we have viewers of sandbags who. Don't listen to the pod which there might be some they might be like. Who are these guys. But if you listen to the party. Know about foley ned. You're tuning in and it would be exactly what you think it would be. I'm pretty. We got yan's and moths from the rink shrinks at some point two. Okay but i'm pretty sure every person listening knows the guy who threw me a beautiful saucer pass on a five on three to think. Oh look behind the back. No look behind the back to thinking. I was going to step in this thing and get them an ice primary assist five on three time of the year. Yeah 'cause 'cause our boy nettie hebert. He played bc and he was more of a a role guy there. But he's playing power play in the e. c. h. l. with the wheeling when i was on the team and we've told the story before but he throws it back to me and thinking i was going to step into it and at center ice fighting lane. Manson six ten for the dayton bombers. So yeah we should definitely get him and falls in and the action and maybe ra on the commentary six tent. he's as christ. Every time i tell the story gains four by the end of our contracts. have barstool in ten years let's see our couple more notes boys edmonson going. Alex taylor is likely out for the season due a possible hot issue..

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