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In science talks about it i never see science rewrite what they've already said so yeah we're talking about the three hundred thousand year history of mankind we'll science stick to that or they still have the history books saying was two hundred vows here's your uh i think right now we need you realize that they are independent researchers and scientists we have the global media we have radio shows like yours and and right now the fringes become the mainstream so if people out there listening to those and they feel alone or or they feel the thing that the only ones that think like this or they that their friends think they cried well done to you are one of many many millions of openminded clearthinking people that are no longer constrained by the boundaries of our own dog mothers being imposed on us and i encourage you to carry on doing earned research do not believe what you have told by the mainstream information channels go aren't they do your own research and and keep growing and keep breaking down the boundaries of our dogma there is also something else i wanted to share with you another announced with the wbz begin will will comment on after the break apparently uh we're looking at a working near the aga khan mausoleum on the west bank of the now river archaeologists discovered ten impressive tombs dating back to egypt sleep period the seven twelve three three two b c incite in coffins well preserved mummies all identified this was just a few days ago they're saying the aga khan mausoleum is located near the southern city of our swan and was arrested for the sultan mohammad shah aga khan the 48 imam of the islamic sect rents of shia muslim who died nineteen fifty seven the archaeological mission and says said but you just ministry vantic he's had been excavating in the vicinity of the building to learn about the ancient history vieri and what's interesting about these terms is that these these staircases carpeted the rocker still intact the enters the mortuary chambers still intact the sarcophagi have strange paintings on them of serpent god's would with wings and the the the guardians of mausoleum for gold cerpa gosling hear a lot like what i read and your books before michael to under was tonight on ground zero the numbers to call triple eight six seven three three seven hundred.

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