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You did hear my Tenenbaum mention the NFL draft if you look at the calendar the NFL draft one way or another as scheduled could go off and that could be the next sporting event that we're talking about no wins or losses but certainly plenty of intrigue Matt Miller NFL writer for bleacher report Friday night was spinning company here on ESPN radio on how the NFL is going to handle the upcoming draft right now just the way the NFL teams of panel there and kind of the the information that is leaking out of the they would really like to keep the draft what it is and I think that you know we've seen them say the leak you're still gonna start on the eighteenth green agency going graduating tag today players get cut I think that kind of signifies that you know the NFL can can work without you know people being there person previously can happen without people need to get together the draft can happen without people need to get together and and I don't even know if there's a way to do it in a limited scope of like yet maybe the commissioners on after the critics you know so we can be shown on ESPN and NFL network and maybe you still get you know twenty prospects were there they've been cleared invented and and you know that it's okay for them to be there but I can imagine we're gonna feel large gathering in a in a major city right now and Matt Miller again I'm having no pro days and how that could possibly impact the draft detail what the world looks like and and forty days were drafted what we could see teams be a little bit safer you know and not go after the risky type players you know a player to like Joe Mixon a couple years ago obviously concerns about about his background and the Bengals still confident of the draft in the background the player like that where you know order Jeffery Simmons last year with the injury in other players or you want to get to know them you want if you are at and and now not being able to I think you have a pretty big impact that is Matt Miller covers the NFL for bleacher report he joins spinning company Friday night on ESPN radio ESPN NFL insider Dan Graziano believes there will be news with the potential signing on a new CD I think that's something we.

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