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Free money in honor of the late great. Joe Straus could be given out courtesy of the Colorado Rockies just absolutely shipping this week, and I wonder if they will continue that to the dismay of cardinal fans through the weekend. But that's the one play that I've been observing. I've been in Las Vegas going, oh God, even though there were like minus two hundred for the marquess start on Wednesday night. I'm like, it's kind of falling into the category of being worth it. Not only are they winning, they're winning big, sweat free. So hopefully on this podcast, we will give you some sweat, free wins as well. We did have somebody last week of the three of us producer Joe and g unit, and I'm going to be representing their picks for them this week since we don't have three people on the phone while I'm in Las Vegas, we did have one person of the three of us just go on a heater last week, and it's the same person who started off with week. One going one in five g. unit went five and one. It has restored order last week. This guy might struggle with college picks, but he knows his NFL. I've never been around somebody who who struggles in college but can figure out the NFL. But g unit is picking NFL games at one hell of a rate. He didn't have any NFL games to work with in week one. Then he gets some NFL week too. And he goes three and one week two on the NFL in week three. He struggled a bit in went one two. That was the infamous double five star lock on the chiefs Steelers under. I think he was just I think he was under the influence of something on that play. And then last week he was to at o- on the NFL but five and one overall. So he is well above the fifty five percent against the spread profitability Mark on the NFL. And I I to tell you something when g unit makes an NFL play. At this point, I might little small taste on it as well and roll with him. So with that all set, we will have the pics of producer Joe of g unit and myself here on.

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