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Million people in jail in america they haven't been convicted of anything but they care post bail and then of course khalif router really brought to light at age sixteen khalif grabber was set to records island for allegedly stealing a backpack his three thousand dollar bail was way too much for his family to pay around the world no browder turned down a plea bargain on principle not going to be we say i did something just go home he was an exception more than ninety percent of defendants who wait in jail without posting bail will plead guilty even if they didn't commit the crime browder was never convicted and eventually he was released but the brutality of rikers stayed with him just two years after he got out he hanged himself at his home in the bronx the littlest violent dangerous institutions in the country are actually jail like lakers island people will plead guilty the things they didn't do because of stories like khalif flung helped create the bronx freedom fund the first charitable bail fund for new yorkers charged with low level offenses ninety seven percent of our clients have shown up for every court date which totally destroys the myth that we need cash bell in order to compel people to show for their court date place was will oblitatory today flaws recording a new episode of his podcast his guest antoine day was convicted for killing that happened in chicago well antwun was in new orleans you're a thousand miles away right thing antwun serves ten years before getting a new trial and having the charges against him dropped should you have is planned for months to be let this out soon would if feel of very heavy sense of responsibility to do as much as i can for as long as i can and that's exactly what i'm going to do i'm elizabeth vargas in new york coming up climate change causing concern in somalia on perspective after this would it be crazy if you packed your bags and left peace corps life is calling how far will you go to find out more call one eight hundred four two four eight five eight zero.

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