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Franciscan? She graduated from George Washington High School. Her family still lives here. And It was before anybody knew anything. Because Betty Ong made that phone call. And I want to acknowledge that And remember that Okay, uh, for 1580808 10. Let's get your comments. Calls are coming in and as soon as we can put them up on the board. Uh, we'll we'll do it. You know, I think we want to focus on that day. And when John asked Chip, you know, what were you feeling? What did it mean to you? What was your reaction? That's kind of what we want from you. Two is for you to remember how it felt to you What the impact was to you at the time that it actually Happened. Do you remember? Were you angry? Were you scared? What were you scared of? Um, just tell us what your response was on that day, your emotions, your gut feelings What you were anticipating coming next? How you found out about it? We want to hear all of those things. This is a day for your personal stories. And particularly if you do know somebody if you lost somebody If you were on a flight at the time that it happened, and your flight had to be grounded like chips, Sister in law had to be grounded, Uh, in Los Angeles, as they were flying to, uh to Europe. That's that's what we're looking for. From you. 80 88 10 and we're going to start with Carol, who is calling from Sebastopol. Carol. Hi. Welcome to kgo. You're on the air. Oh, my goodness. Thank you for getting me on so quickly. I'm sitting in my car. And I just hung up on her. Uh carry would you call back? I apologize. That was me messing with the phone and I hit the wrong button and I hung up on you. If you're listening right now, please pick up the phone call again. We'll get you on right away. She knew someone I'm going to get her on. But why don't we take the break now? And then we'll come back with your calls. The lines are filling up quickly. Make sure you call 41580808 10 20 years and counting..

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