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We're Boston, here's it. I Trump announcing that his press secretary is departing terrorists Sanders will be leaving the White House Sanders has had a nearly two year. Ron White House press secretary the president making the announcement in a tweet as it unfolds. WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Local. Boston's News Radio. Visi ten thirty reduced. And we are at sixty three degrees with cloudy skies in Boston rain showers around as well. And it is safe Thursday morning. Thanks for joining us. I'm Jim McKay. And here's what's happening over the next hour would be finding out the verdict in the house of horrors trial WBZ's, Karyn, regal has been covering this trial from the start at she will be inside the courtroom later today. Erica Murray could be convicted of second degree murder or the lesser included. Charge of manslaughter one count, only after the judge and his bench trial dropped one of the murder charges over eight days of testimony. We heard about the horrific conditions of Murray's home about police having to shovel their way in through trash about a toddler and an infant Kate in their own waste and hidden from the world. The defense has Marie is mentally ill at superior court, Karyn, regal WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio we'll be getting updates from Karen. She has been on this trial from the start when the verdict is read, which we are expecting this. This morning. We will be sure to get that to you on the air is Karen will be inside the courtroom there. Worcester superior court Dominican Republic thirty saying David Ortiz was not the intended target in that shooting at a nightclub in Santo Domingo that left him with internal injuries which needed emergency surgery. He's still recovering now at Mass General ABC's Victor oquendo has more in what police are saying. Right now, secure say the alleged assessing based, his target of a photo taken minutes before the attack in very poor lighting that he shut David Ortiz by mistake. The new suspects name Victor Hugo Gomez. They say he's part of a drug cartel last seen in the United States and he is still on the run. Victor oquendo, ABC news center Domingo, Dominican Republic, any developments on the David. Ortiz story. We'll have them for you here on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. We also have continuing coverage on going online at WBZ ten thirty dot com. It's now ten thirty two. A Somerville man was the scoop. Diver who was found dead at a lake in Montana. Forty year old Jesse Hubbell's body was recovered. He had been scuba diving. Some sixty feet with the production crew while filming a promotional video. When it's believed he suffered an equipment malfunction. Investigators right now, aren't sure what exactly happened with that Quint. His death was ruled in accident drowning, US military officials are now confirming a Ron shot down in American drone flying, and international waters through the strait Hormuz Iran is confirming they shot at a drone, but they did. So because they say was in Iranian airspace. Retired marine Colonel Ann ABC news contributor marine. Colonel, Steve gathered says the US has no choice but to respond certainly would have been different if this drawn, if this had been a manned aircraft and some sort of harm might have come to a to a US service personnel. But it is still an important in very expensive airplane. This is not a little airplane. This is not a little drone. This is. Is a very big aircraft cost more than one hundred twenty million dollars a piece, and we'll be discussing this at length further with CBS news military analyst, Mike Lyons in just over ten minutes,.

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