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I'm very interested though in what we saw in game seven about of Yasuko Puig as an emotional catalyst and are the the coverage of Puig. It's been weird from the moment Uribe in the big leagues, but I'm very interested in the kind of player. He's become not just on the field, but he, it seems like the dodgers feed off him and Machado is sort of Machado is what he is in some of the other big names that dodger locker room like kenley Jansen and Clayton Kershaw sort of steady as says, she goes types, but you could see Muncie and Bellinger and and Richhill to a certain extent like getting into it because plea is is like giving them the the up and atom. So it's our, that's one of the fuzzy intangible bits of baseball. They, you know, it's it's hard to quantify, but it's I dunno, Puig is has looked almost leadership in. His own way. And you know, imagine saying that about a one Zach rank, he was trash all the time off the record, and you know messing with his luggage or whatever it was. He did like, it's it's interesting to see. We really take. A leadership role esteem? Yeah, from the moment, Puig broken and became so controversial. I've been looking forward to the day in the future when he would transition into that leadership role, it doesn't always happen, but so many times it happens that once you get past a certain age, you start seeing articles about so-and-so. He was a hot head when he was a young brash rookie and now he is, for example. Yeah, right. And he's a mentor to the young players. I mean, we're not quite there with plea yet, obviously, but he has rehabilitated his image as a player of in there was a perception that he was done when he went back to the minors the scouts saying he just his body was slow in his swing was at the same. He wasn't going to be back and it's not a superstar stat twice, but he's a really valuable player. And I think we're getting to that point where he's not a clubhouse distraction to the point where he was now in maybe. Now he's even crossed over into the line where he's a positive in that his excitement is infectious. So there's so many players in the series. I like and rooting for on an individual basis. I don't have a rooting interest in the series, but I'd like to see Kershaw get a ring. Sure. I'd like to see price continued to combat the postseason narrative. I'd like to see bets shine on the big stage and show why he's so good. I mean, there's so much that I'm looking forward to seeing with certain players in the series that even if you are kind of tired of these two franchises being in it, there are a lot of really compelling players and Richhill for that matter, making his return to the Red Sox who resurrected him in. There are a lot of fun personalities in this matchup. We should point out plead not just an emotional catalysts are emotional leader. He's been doing it on the field to he has nine sixty two opiates in the playoffs which ranks fifth among all players who have been. Playing every day and the top four is Chris Taylor who has been quietly very good for the dodgers and then three Astros who I think bolstered their numbers of the late inning against Cleveland, but we has been an awesome hitter. It wasn't just the basically game clinching home run in game seven. He's been consistently on bass. He's been consistently hitting for extra bases and celebrating before the ball even leaves the infield. So this has been a regular thing for him. And I mean he he is one of the few hitters who exhibits a. I think a a notable reverse platoon split. So I'll be curious to see how much he plays against the left handed pitchers going back to that theme, but I would bet he's up to bat and some big moments in the series. Yeah, I'm glad you brought up the home run because that bat flip, I mean that ball scraped over the wall, and you know you, if you watch the camera angle who is on the whole time, you can see like he just goes into an all out sprint for forty feet or so because he realizes he might get strong and I'm, it would have been funny, but it wouldn't have been funny enough to be worth the takes of an early bat flip costing a base because that's just.

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