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He wouldn't be there. While I you magic one at tyrod Ludivina coach. We never heard LeBron say one of them to be the coach. He doesn't intentionally. But here's the thing Jacoby. There's one thing if you LeBron, you might say they gave you a three year deal those are the years, I'm gonna be here too. He may be like, wait a minute. You want to try to get a five year and then they balked at that ain't nothing I can do about that. That's on you. So we have not heard him speak on the very candidate. Lebron James who finds ways to make sure that he voices, his opinion when he needs to so based on that I saw level of support can again, this is not doom and gloom for the Lakers. They're in a great situation to be successful next year. Who's the only great team in the west? The Golden State Warriors say Katie lease they're vulnerable who's the second best team in the west the Houston Rockets, okay? The Lakers are just as good if not better than them come playoff time right now. And we will see with a healthy young core and a healthy LeBron James that perhaps another piece, I love the Lakers chances next year. But I'm also an unabashed LeBron stand, but Jalen, we're gonna move on from the Lakers. Thank Zeke you'll. I think Mr., Mr. Elliot, the Ohio, he'll. Elliot number running back, number one TMZ sports had video of Ezekiel Elliott and his lady friend at the electric daisy carnival, and there is depressing a security guard physically. He kinda pushes them a little bit the security guard falls is offense. Then the police come over and handcuff him and detain him. However, it's very, very important to note. He was not charged with any crimes this security guard, as TMZ said, did not want to press charges. So Ezekiel was then detained. And then he left Jalen, this is not the first time as Elliot has sort of been in an incident. What do you make of the latest from Ezekiel Elliott softball rocking, a LeBron James jersey without a shirt underneath? How about those armpits stinking here's the deal? Ezekiel Elliott continues to show the off the field. He's gonna make questionable decisions and put himself in position to be disciplined by law enforcement. And or by the NFL, these are absolute facts. You can't dispute these. And when you have seen this as the Dallas Cowboys, you have to monitor whether you want to invest a long term contract in him as a player, we know he's really talented on the field. Now I'm already gonna put something on wax was headed for a Levy. I'm Bill situation in the future with Ezekiel Elliott, Mark Mullen, because his level of productivity versus off feel behavior and a position that he plays while still on a rookie contract. They're gonna look at him and say, we're gonna franchise, you we'll get you the ball three hundred seventy five to four hundred times a year, but we're gonna franchise you again. And then all of a sudden he gonna see. Daggett paid. He will see a mortgage pay-. He'll see Lawrence get paid. And he'll be like, wait a minute. I'm going to sit out and not go to organized team activities mandatory team activities until y'all pay me my money he's going to fall under the Levy. I'm Bill rule really soon. Interesting Deontay wilder sadness studio and told us what he was going to do to dominate Brazil code in Saturday What is bay..

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