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Nypd. She's amazing sufficient. You and i'll play security and then learn titles my toothfish film and i play a marriage. Donald trump and i'm married to my his theory couponer. So it's still very lincoln you always end up like like what are you doing here. But i'm mary you and this is you know. Yeah so Capital and eight. Cont i think is another great show on when you which is about keeping young recife in relation to the engineer. So there's some ischia especially for young people in your house yes awesome. We do not unless you count spencer He's he's probably is needs. It can pool or like issues seeming nodes or the subject of luck groomed either by anyone because a lot of time on the internet. I didn't watch the fives on youtube. I principal hooper throat. So it'll be about them. And i think he actually has a question for you if you'll allow it. Okay what can i do for you. Hello just really curious about the new zealand sense of humor in general between your show and what we do in the shadows and everything that jemaine in tyco and all those wonderful people have done. There's this amazing new zealand sense of humor. That just is so special. And dry. And i don't know. Have you ever actually put some thought into what that is. That's been one of our lightning round question. Yes i well. I think i think maybe one is. Is it open under seldom. So so we whenever. We don't wanna bosa anything we're like on our now. She'll be good. So we need to brag any maybe the speed in how we deliver a comedy. But we don't want to overstate or the sell it. So it was kind of little bit located did fan and the new one of not really caring about signing this hilarious is you funding itself mighty it. It is hilarious. Yeah yeah i think genetically. I'm a little bit new zealander. Because i just love that so much. Sign that what. You didn't get excited. You see it so that was really good. Yes so i just think..

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