A new story from The Killing of Marilyn Monroe


I arrived at Maryland's house in Brentwood which is just outside of La. I pressed the doorbell by my heart pounding because I absolutely had no idea what to expect when her housekeeper opened the door I was amazed in front of me was virtually empty living room there's nothing in it but a couple of chairs I put the tape recorder on the floor and was kneeling down trying to get it to work suddenly suddenly in front of me I saw a yellow slacks and a voice said is there anything I can do to help and so that's the way I met Marilyn Monroe on my knees welcome to the final episode of the killing of Marilyn Monroe with me Jackie Moran over the past eleven episodes we have journey together through the tragically adjective short stellar life of the woman who remains for many me included the greatest film star who ever lived into these solve one who had add everything she seemed to exude a sort of happiness and joy of life in her pictures she became like a catchphrase phrase the guys would yell out who do you think you are Marilyn Monroe I mean that's helping him she what she was the standard Sivy judged by but she was also a woman whose own insecurities and abandonment issues the product of a lonely abused childhood in a succession of foster homes led her to seek relationships with a series of powerful dangerous men before she even reached puberty before she was senior she was sexually molested by one of the foster parents that she had any sense of her innocence was completely destroyed she was turned into a sexual creature before she was a teenager feature that meant psychologically that the only response she had any stimulation from men was sexual when Maryland Caroline was being interviewed one time she mentioned about how she used to have dreams about as a child being in church and walking down the aisle not wearing any close than just sort of being very proud of the fact that she was nude and wonderful accepted and that she was proud of who she was and and who sudden death on August fourth nineteen sixty two stunned the whole world in this final episode we're going to examine Marilyn's impact as an actress us and as a person look at the significance of her life and death for twentieth century American history and ask the only question that now matters will there are ever be justice for Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe got a million other women have and prefer not to show I remember very distinctly the morning of August steph nineteen sixty two when it was announced in the media that she had been found dead I was crushed I was nine years old and the death of Marilyn Monroe was just something completely out of my realm the idea that someone so alive someone so vivacious and someone so famous could suddenly dead Marilyn Monroe's death was the first of four momentous murders that would come to define nineteen eighteen sixties America and resonate for generations beyond President John F. Kennedy would be killed just fifteen months later and almost five years after his assassination came shootings of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy that Jack and Bobby were both lovers of Maryland's only adds to the significance of her demise mine fact Twang changed American history because of the assassination of a president because of the assassination of a presidential candidate and because of the murder of Moody Star that knew the intimate secrets both bobby and Jack now she he is an enduring part of the American legend what was the American identity be without her the importance of Maryland's position in American history story is further added to by the other players in her messy final months mobster Sam Giancana of the Chicago Mafia rat packers Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford and controversial FBI director j Edgar Hoover there were intertwined orbits of influence that indeed are so murky that I don't think anyone will ever know forces countermanding one another dentist time enroll no she was being watched by the F. B. I. Mafia in private detective Jan Groover was out to get the Kennedys he was very vindictive about the Kennedys ladies he was taping Marilyn Monroe's phone calls and he was also looking into Maui Monroe's relationship with the RATPAC with Frank Sinatra mattress with Dean Martin with Peter Lawford with Joey Bishop with Sammy Davis Junior was looking into that because J. Edgar Hoover was business report with Mafia boss Frank Costello in a racetrack in Florida as we discovered in the previous episode it was precisely that dark and deadly web of power corruption and lies that led to her death the murky mysterious details Maryland's last day August fourth nineteen nineteen sixty two have fueled speculation for half a century it was a gift to cover up a relationship with Jack Kennedy a relationship relationship with Bobby Kennedy would have blown the Democrat side of the water you've never seen a Lyndon Johnson presidency if the real truth about Marilyn Monroe had been revealed slept with who she wanted to she had affairs with her she wanted to she was really ahead of her time I don't think she's looked at that way but she was taking her sex sex symbol image and giving an explanation for not making it a hollow cheating but making it a a position of power of position of self awareness..

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