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Digital is yeah that's actually what it is james dyer welcome back to the podcast thanks it's been a while has it has been two weeks it's been a few weeks because i've been off doing my special secret super project what is this secret project jim but what have you been doing what have you been beavering away on the secret project is the new magazine we alone ching empathy tv or pilot tv as is none or did you can find out about www dot planet tv mac dot com you are already in use yeah we got pilot tv combat it would cost twenty thousand pounds marketing actually laughed in my face well people who want me right now while you say boring things sleep yes i'm on someone's may not be using it but they want us so yes we out on april the fifth and we have a veritable cornucopia of tv stuff including features on luke cage and west wild and all sorts of other exciting things and there may or may not be ten pages on the west wing and i'm just saying they could be saying thank you about the west entire pages on it yeah who who'd wang on about the west wing ten pages in the magazine who indeed indeed do that yes it's greats it is a super magazine if you love tv and you love empire you'll love pilot it looks very good thanks i'm i'm looking forward to the launch of your little fans in and i'm sure it's going to be it's going to be great i say this because i had known folder with a what so ever no no that's not true on press day unique did come over and start doing funny voices behind me while i was trying to work i felt that was valuable contribution this until chris left to leave.

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