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Welcome to kits myths and mysteries. I'm your host kit crumb today in my month long investigation into the spirit world and goes i have a story that involves the spirit of a ouija board and how that spirit might have intervened in a murder investigation in the small seaside town of dungeness bay. The bodies so seventy five year old eric ward and a seventy two year old wife. Mildred were found on the beach each had been bludgeoned in the back of the head. Their clothes were soaked with sea. Water and the autopsy report indicated that water was found in their lungs the bodies were discovered by a jogger whose tracks were the only ones found on the beach when the police arrived locals testified that the couple were often seen walking the beach. Twilight the couple's adult son clayton ward came up from california but after three weeks of intense investigation no suspects were revealed and clayton had to get back to his job as a technology specialist silicon valley giant apple. But his party comment to the dungeness bay. Police was that when he returned he'd be able to identify the murderer of his parents now in eighteen ninety one a patent was granted elisha bond for the ouija board but one of the i mentioned so the board was in asia eleven hundred ad in historical documents from that but the design we know today based on the talking boards of ohio produced by charles kennard following the american civil war. Mediums did significant business and presumably allowing survivors to contact loss relatives over to her story six months after his first visit to dungeness bay clayton ward. Return with a list of clues. He assured police that have followed. Would lead them to the murder of his parents. Seven days later after following the various clues. Police brought in steve hawks. Grounds keeper employed by the wards who under intense interrogation confessed to drowning of the couple after striking them in the back of the head. He claimed that eric had kept a large amount of money in a safe that he planned on taking but he was unable to explain how he was going to get into that safe when asked by the police where he got the clues clayton ward replied that he belonged to a small group that used the ouija board to solve crimes and when his father was contacted his father's spirit told him steve had knocked him unconscious and then drag them into the waves thinking they would be washed out to sea where they were drowned but he was unaware that it was low. Tide and they'd be washed up on the beach. The changing tide he further told clayton that if the police went to steve's house they would find the bloody tyra used to knock them unconscious. Clayton returned to california but when the police attempted to contact him with further questions about the clues they found his address. Nonexistent phone number disconnected and no record of employment at the apple corporation. The investigator that was brought in on the case discovered that eric and mildred ward owned a ouija board and from journal kept learn that they were often the host of a spirit calling itself. Jso we g board users will tell you that socio is a demon spirit of the ouija board and that sometimes she becomes protective of those that. Hold the door open through the board that allows you to enter this world so the question were the wards holding the door open for a demon spirit that manifested into the image of a protective son. That never really existed and when they were murdered by the grounds keeper was a door that zone a pass back and forth between this world and his shot and in world was he trapped this kit chrome thanks for listening..

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