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Sometimes i think the analog of nasa and these other organizations is a little bit like the faa but you bring up a good point the faa doesn't need to put people on airplanes to go places and nasa has a whole lot more of a research purpose for it then then say the faa does yeah a nice analogy i think it's usps versus fedex ups companies are finely tuned to optimize bottom line and so where the government doesn't really have that kind of kind of an incentive to get things going i think that the works out well trevor ariel how do you how do you feel about the the sort of the blending world that were in yeah i think it's good it's been ramping up for quite a while and i think people are just starting to take notice i do think that there is is frustrating that a lot of people think that it's one or the other and not that they both need each other and without each other they'd both be pretty bad off if not unbelievable almost by you know i think it's something where i i appreciate using you know that nasa does research because i think that's what a lot of people forget about the privatization that they see that spying on in the headlines at least because a lot of it is you know engineering on rocket companies and you know people who aren't doing things like astro biology or other things are enabling you know some cheaper flights for that stuff but they themselves aren't doing so just as as everyone's been saying it's it is a blending in a collaborative thing and they really need each other.

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