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At the orlando international airport the man was not in custody the terrifying situation created confusion and uncertainty as video and photos posted online show police with their weapons drawn there is no active shooter orlando police tweeted no shots fired suspect is contain incident was first reported about seven twenty four pm the white house is blasting a washington post story about jared kushner's contacts with russian official presidential spokesman sean spicer criticized the post and others for citing anonymous sources in their stories stories come out that are patently false narratives that are wrong to see for quote fake news he dismissed stories that said jared kushner tried to establish backchannel communications with the russians but then cited to top administration officials as saying back channels can be inappropriate part of diplomacy ray clugston the white house the pentagon says it had shot down a mock warhead over the pacific in a success for america's missile defense program the test was the first of its kind to nearly three years and it was the first test ever targeting an intercontinental range missile like north korea's developing the military says the interceptor rocket launched from vandenberg air force base in california slammed into the warhead as it travelled outside earth's atmosphere after being launched from a test range on a pacific eight toll a defiant suspect jeremy joseph christian during his brief appearance in a portland courtroom today prosecutors say christian charged with stabbing three men aboard a portland light rail train confessed while in the back seat of a patrol car after his arrest or documents released tuesday say the 35yearold christian was captured on video and audio tape saying he'd stabbed three people in the neck to die on wall street the dow down by fifty one points more on these stories a town hall dot com this this just in from the world of medical science are costly and painful injections for joint pain a thing of the past according to some medical experts the answer is yes researchers have perfected a new appeal that is painless inexpensive and extremely effective in reducing joint pain virtually eliminating the need for painful injections the product.

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