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A lot of the guys didn't wanna believe me when I said the balls out, so get your ass. And I was saying, they'd say, well, why is still standing there? So I want to admire it because someone has got to make the statement. This was a beautiful thing that I just did and the cheering of the fans not good enough that not for me. I don't think the tearing of the fans cheering on the home run was simply saying, hey, we got an extra run and the fans in me looking at the the the ball, going out with me saying, yeah, you know, that's pretty good looking. Isn't that interesting. Well, did you will what happens? You hit any homers when he went to the Beaverton beams, they weren't the beefs with the Beaverton beef. It was the beaver falls, beev Portland be. Alright. So used your home run hitting though ended with the Portland, believe that it did not extend. That's why I gave up on baseball and went back to school and got my my engineering degree. Let's get some phone calls here and here's Heke calling from Eugene Oregon tonight. Go ahead Heke. Hi, Don egging. I'm doing pretty good. I was doing better before. I heard you because I watched a lot of your games. I, I used to go to the beaver falls beef games, and I was a big fan and I saw you and I think that you really ruined it for a lot of the players. Well, why? Why did he say I wasn't even let me let me finish. You ruined it for a lot of the players because the Beaverton, the beaver falls, beef, Br, just disbanded, and it was because of you. How do you figure that? How do I figure that? Because you'd stand there and look at your home, run balls. And you'd wag a finger at the fans. I the reason why is because I was wedding the wedding advances to say, why aren't you at barring a beautiful it is we cheered for the ball going out. Wasn't that good enough? No, I guess it wasn't at not quite good enough because you've got. Yeah, great. That's run. But look at how beautiful what the thing is, what I just did you know the thing, what you just did. Well, thanks to you. The fans stop coming and the beaver and the beef. He's so he was the death of the beef in beaver falls. Now I heard similar stories in Beaverton, and there was a t. by by the way you didn't, the team also played for beaver lake. I forget how the beaver like beef, so and all of those teams without without exception all of those teams where the result of an disbanded is the result of your e them. I did not play for the beaver lake beef, but by that point it had been just polluted. Everyone knew that there had been a guy on the team that would stand there. And say, yeah, look at my home runs. Well, you sound very, very bitter. Heke awfully, sorry. I'm not. I'm not bitter..

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