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Almost everyone else free governments governments much freer than the united states do this in fact freedom house a veritable house of freedom ranks every country in the world according to political rights and civil liberties the us is free would you pretty well we get an aggregate score of ninety but there are five countries with perfect scores finland iceland norway san marino in sweden all of them make citizens register their guns and then there are nine countries with either a ninety nine or a ninety eight reading canada netherlands australia barbados denmark liechtenstein luxembourg new zealand erg why not every ghana's to be registered in canada but all the handguns do and all those other countries are rated as having restrictive gun laws and not permissive gun laws the difference between restrictive and permissive is that under restrictive gun laws the default assumption is you've got to show reason why you want a gone under permissive gun laws which the united states has the government has to show reason to deny you a gun currently in the world are very few countries with permissive gun laws the united states top among them most premise of here now are its brethren nations albania austria chad congo hunduras micronesia namibia nigeria pakistan senegal tanzania yemen and zambia many of those countries are not free albania zambia partly free honduras just squeaks in his partly free senegal's fray austria's freer than the united states but pakistan this is a quasidictatorship nigeria this is not trending well we have associated ourselves with countries that are not free the nonregistration of guns has no effect on freedom but you show me a really free country and unless that really free countries name is austria the united states their registering their guns.

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