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Oh my God. And then Eric swalwell and other thing of beauty. He bitch slept not only Matt Gaetz over bringing so many men as a gun club. I think that's someone in their family as his guest. So there was that. And then the fentanyl, oh my God, he had to take large Taylor Greene just got. All right, or let's start with 15. I don't. Can I just say for the life of me and bob's house good talks about this all the time as well? Who will talk to in just a few minutes? Why do they think Biden seizing more fentanyl at the border than any president ever is a bad? I don't understand. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? I'm confused. How is that a bad thing? This whole thing also Marjorie Taylor Greene, I didn't clip it, but she also had a witness there. Excuse me. It was going nuts about her son, dying from fentanyl poisoning. Yes. And she's like, and he was in and out of rehab and he was like, lady, your son had a problem. Right. And that's the reason he died from fentanyl poisoning. Right. Not because of right. Drug cartel coyotes bringing it across the border. Here she is. Mayor of crazy town. And since the Biden administration has taken over, there has been a direct result in the number of deaths in this country from fentanyl. I want you to know that in 2020, there were 4.8 thousand pounds of fentanyl seized by CBP, but in 2021, let's go at your 2021. It increased to 11.2 thousand pounds of fentanyl was seized by the CBP. That is a direct result of Biden administration failure policies. So seizing more rather than the open map. Isn't she the one that said 6 billion people are coming across our southern border? Because there's only 8 billion in the entire world. But anyway, she had a math failed yesterday as well. Numbers are not her songs. And also words. It's not physical year. It's fiscal. But squeaky sound you hear. That's what it would sound like a dog to shoot on the large retailer green screen. Over her foot. Okay, her foot looks like a chicken foot. Please, go on. The Biden administration is failing this country by not protecting our border and securing our border and stopping Chinese fentanyl from being brought into our country illegally by the cartels and people are dying every single day because of it. Fentanyl deaths have doubled. Doubled. Between two years from April 2019 to April 2021, those are the statistics we have. That's the squeaky sound when her brain is trying to do math. She's melt up in there. When she said that the number doubled in those years. April 2021, Biden had only been in office for four months. Right. The rest of that was all under the former guy. Oh, right. Orange, guys. Okay. Here it comes off a liberal. Eric swalwell. I believe that the biggest culprit here, and I think the Republican colleagues of mine agree is really going after China, I think China has a lot on its hands. I don't think President Biden has blood on his hands. I think China has put on its hands for the fentanyl crisis because as a number of people have said, overwhelmingly these fentanyl is coming through points of entry and overwhelmingly, it's U.S. citizens and the fentanyl we know is coming from over in China. And I think internationally we should all work to apply more pressure on China to account for what it's doing. Maybe march said, Matt Gaetz, what the Chinese talking point is on this, maybe she can borrow his confidence. China was a Chinese propaganda. And then just repeat that. Yeah. Okay. And one last one, alphabet. This green is just divorced from reality when she wants to use the fentanyl seizures as a way to beat up on the president because sheriff lam you said earlier today that you are literally saving the country with the number of people that you have saved with those seizures and where I come from and my brothers make a big seizure that get guns and drugs off the streets. We don't use that to make a political point. We use that to give an attaboy to the police officers for what they did. And so I'm going to give y'all an attaboy for what you've done. And thank you because you've taken a lot of fentanyl off the streets. Yes. You've made us a lot safer because you've done it. I'm sure that's what Marjorie Taylor Greene meant in that she's very pro police. Isn't she? No. Yes. A proteus. I think this is a good soundtrack for whenever Marjorie Taylor Greene is thinking. That's what's in her Thought Bubble. Like a math problem. I think it's a sea horse. Yeah. Of course. I think it's a squeaky seahorse. It's Marjorie Taylor Greene's. She agrees with Barbie that math is hard. Okay, hey, hey, hey, breaking news this morning. Yeah. Well, look at that. Mister winding week winterson from wine town. Isn't he always the FBI? What have we always said? The FBI has always been team Trump. Yeah. To talk to they try to spin somehow that it was anti Trump starting from the New York FBI and mcgonagall and all of this stuff they were always. Okay. Oh no. Marjorie Taylor Greene must have a particularly hard math problem. She's just chewing over whatever Saul Wilson. Okay, here it is, Carol letting The Washington Post. Bella's Mike posted it first. Well, well, well, what a surprise. The DoJ wanted to search Trump's Florida property for classified documents, but the FBI resisted FBI agents wanted to protect Trump, not our national security looks like some in the FBI need to go. I'll say. From Carol Lennon, she tweets exclusive raid on Trump's home as a result of a bitter tug of war within the DoJ, prosecutors pushed for it fearing Trump had concealed classified records, the FBI agents resisted it, fearing a misstep with the ex-president. Previously unreported clashes and scenes in the national security probe, quoting Carol leonnig in the post. Some FBI agents wanted to close the criminal case in June after Trump lawyers claimed they handed over all the documents. Talk about benefit of the doubt for a lifelong crook, right? Yeah. And liar. If they did, the government might not have found a hundred plus classified records that Trump still had in a heated showdown about a week before the search, the head of the FBI's Washington field office insisted he didn't want to do a surprise search with a warrant stressing they should ask Trump's permission to visit his property instead. Oh my God. Oh, my God. I mean, what more evidence do you need? You know, in this whole, this is the other bitch slapping of Jim Jordan talking about this stupid weaponization of the DoJ. Oh my God. Are you kidding me? It was exclusively weaponized to protect Trump and his criminal cronies and to go after his enemies. Oh, one more. Give me just one taste of Steve Cohen also on alpha liberal thing. Also, it's Alfred liberal day on the show. Obsessed with Malcolm X and Carl sells rocky. The man meet Wednesday and alpha liberal day. Here's Steve Cohen. Mister chair, if you would yield for a minute, this is the section of it. I've been concerned about the weaponization of the federal government's program. And, you know, I think it's pretty clear that the federal government judicial Justice Department was recognized during the previous administration. Thank you. Went to jail for doing what Donald Trump asked him to do. Donald Trump was called individual one. He didn't go to jail. Yeah. Thank you, Steve Cohen. And we have more

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