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Sharply on the ground into the ship from shallow right to his backhand fielded by Andras in shallow right and he throws out Tucker refers. There's one gone. Clothes Great. Gotta bring up Carlos Correa, who was over two and Crowd still showing their affection for Carlos Correa. Hit by a pitch back in the fourth. Cleric, the fourth pitcher used by Bob Melvin tonight. And the pitch inside Ball one. This passage started with five and a third. It's very petite, two thirds and inning from Lou Trevino. Now Kal Eric, and the A's will get JB when Delk in Right hander. Up in the bullpen. Bitch! Just outside one and one rather to another camp. Just talking about Alex Bregman bulking up, adding some pounds. It looks like Carlos Correa, Slim down a little bit in the off season takes him load off of that back to old low and away Ball three. How much is it that he wants to be in tiptop shape? Knowing this is a contract year? Oh, you know it. I mean, that's what guys No, they gun for it's not that they put it on cruise control the other years. Rio. Strike on the outside corner three and one. But there is something about coming into an opportunity year. Make something happen..

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