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And it's Tom and the other sped towards it. They saw a gigantic animal of some sort perched twenty feet up in the tree. So Tom who'd been itching for something flesh and blood to kill pulled out his rifle aimed and fired. Do not about three tree goes. The lights instantly went out upon the firing of the rifle. And Tom said that he saw the creature fall to the ground. But when they got back in the truck drove closer, they found nothing. No blood, nothing at all. No, big monster. No, big Monceau, man. Then Tom saw something else a different creature. He raised his rifle again and fired twice again, Tom. We sure he hit something they found nobody and no blood what they did. Find was a single oval track in bedded six inches into the snow and appeared to them that whatever it was had two claws protruding from the back of its foot like a bird of prey and another track of the exact same kind was found twenty feet away. And how is it? Com. Mad do shoot dysfunc-. Hate still orbs. He's, but he knows he can't shoot to orbs because he tried and knows that big wolf everybody early shot the wolf a couple times too. And it did nothing. So I don't know what he's expecting. Now. You know, and it said that they had a footprint, but it's in the snow. You can't keep it. You can't keep it took video that took pictures. Okay. That's right. My friend, Ben he is the most useless native American. I've ever. Well. You know, you can't keep foot tracks in the snow. Anyway, I was I did tell someone Henry's Bigfoot track story the other day when we were. One of the only ones left he had. He was talking to this guy for like ten minutes. Kabakov Henry was talking to the Bigfoot hunter. And the guys like this is the only one we have. From blue hill, citing its special, really. And and I got to tell you this last one I got and I'm like, all right? Sixty five dollars right for fucking plaster ballots bought it, and I was like I feel really good. I got up like, you know, Natalie you will love me mentally will love this turn around. And I want to look around and pull another one out of a big Tupperware. A great little plaster cast of big foot of book foot in looks cool. It looks nice on your mantle yet. Does look cool. Well, these two creatures were by no means the last one seen on the ranch further into the investigation, Tom and Ellen were out on the ranch when they noticed a cloud of dust coming from the chorale we're Tom kept couple horses even from a distance. They said they saw the cows weren't alone. But all they could make out was a reddish Brown blur. As they got closer a creature that defied explanation came into view. It was huge and heavily muscled with a red bushy tail like a FOX's it looked in move like hyena, but it had stubby little legs like a bore and the head of a dog every bowl vio- Bonko. The freaking gold. Honda scare you steam, David funk dogs. You could look we put God. Nice mine. I think you're a great dog. Okay. Bunko? Money is thing is we don't even have to sing today. Tuesdays. It's no singing Tuesdays. Tom was about forty yards away. Would he began to run towards the corral? But the moment Tom felony was sprint the creature. Noticed him jump through the metal bars and headed up a slope. And by the time, Tom got to the top the creature was gone. The only thing left behind was the smell of wet fervor and few scratches on his horses strangely. This was one of the few phenomena that seemed to repeat itself, and this is strange because one of the most frustrating things about skin Walker rent from a scientific research perspective is that events rarely repeated themselves which made measurement and comparison impossible..

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