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Got diversity attractive recreational opportunities yep and easy access to mass transit we're not a mass transit city by god the rice urban planners the downtown urban planners the houston chronicle it drives me nuts if you don't wanna get into a bus or better yet a rail if we are not all willing to give up our vehicles and ride in a rail than where we can't ever be a great city by the standards that the people who decide what a great city is made uh but the company has also made it clear that financial incentives and lower operating costs will be heavily considered oh okay so at the end of the day it's what will you give them for free it's always a tough thing when you say to one company we want you so bad that we're going to break the rules for you and let you come here and not do for the guys we already have here well if i'm exxon mobil course they're outside the city if i'm one of the major players inside the city of used and i say you're going to let amazon come here free and you're gonna make me pay taxes how's that fair i'm gonna go somewhere else this is how football teams played cities that they got they they got the city's to finance the stadiums that they own that they make all the money off of well you gave that guy deal will i'm open moving over here and it's the taxpayer that get shafted but here's an interesting point rice university professor says houston was not.

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