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I guess in everywhere. You look when we're out hunting. Hunting I always found myself looking at my cameraman woman. In that case I guess film film film that, but literally like you could just fill everywhere. You Look in New Zealand. And it looks like seen Lord, the reins and funny enough some of the places that we hunted on the fillmore terrains, but kind of DOC. Your question, some kind of getting off off track here, but. With respects to culture. Honestly, it's really close to the same. They. Really, close the same they. They're a lot more laid back. you know we'll, we'll get there. May Don't worry about it? Just you know. Let's just have a good time, and which really relates to me right? I don't like to be all uptight. Running gone all. Take it easy, and you're always going to get the job done, and I guess I thought you know really correlated while with without hunting style over there it's very much mountain hunting, and and very much the most important part of it is that you have a good time, but with respect to true culture. New Zealand. A, just over here in Canada, substitute hockey with rugby, and you've basically got this anyways. So is there before we move onto the Africa hunt? was there any anything that you found tough about like logistics like travel getting there? Know importing you probably brought your own rifle. things like that like any any sort of things. You might want to say to the audience if they're planning on travel to New Zealand about specific things, you should have sets. Yeah, you know it's funny. We were just talking about this the other day. Nian bunny minds. And I've been fortunate offing I've done a lot of a lot of hunts. I've been lucky enough that I haven't run into any issues yet. You know the paperwork is it's it can be you know curious, but at the end of the day you just do it, you get all. Your stuff takes a couple of days. You'd all your permits you go to weave flew. Air New Zealand which is throughout Canada to New Zealand. Three hundred bucks. You got to pay them, and they give all the paperwork at check in. You gotTA show up three hours before with your rifle and. The most part they don't deal with it a lot, right? You know being Air Canada Ernie's new any airline. Deals rifles a lot, so it is slow. But they're usually pretty good and scared. He's usually pretty good like I. said I've been lucky, but with respect to once you get there. You go get your rifle and New Zealand. You go right to the police and they check it. Make sure everything's legit and they actually issue permit saying you can have that gun in..

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