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She says that he's violent. Full and win war. WHO Yeah. She they she goes. To Divorce Court, he doesn't show up. His friends and his coworkers calm and just describe how he's just having sex with sex workers down Alabama. That's still like to testify your honor. So she gets divorced granted. He didn't come because he was super busy because no, Dave, I believe I believe he did come. So so. He's got kind of Iraqi gone. So he's got this lumber business that he started with another guy. And he starts going around and getting lumber on credit from suppliers, and it's about twenty thousand dollars worth of lumber, and then he goes and he sells the lumber for any prices offered. So even if it's way below what he paid, he just sells it. But Davis he is he creating a lumber bubble? That's that was. Yeah. This kind of a lumber bubble he's making a level. Okay. So he he's not paying back any the suppliers. So he he's just he's basically just taking would from people and selling it and keeping the money right? He's like Robin would. That's right and the other lumber companies are just taking because no one's buying their lumber. Partner freaked out and and sells his shares and bales on the company. And then word. Gets out. That Oliver is committing. I guess lumber fraud. Is. Sure. Sure. It's called a lumber racket. And now every competing lumber man area wants a piece of Oliver. So in September goes on the run. And now newspapers is old partner was named Cree. So newspapers are reporting and they're calling the search the CREE Hill. Sensation. Okay I'm sure it was like, thank you including me in the headline. It sounds like a great band. Yeah. So. It really does. Arrest warrants go out the postal service starts investigating him for mail fraud. And he just fucking hit the road and he ends up in Washington D C. Start trying new name. He's got a whole new life story. He is going to play great in DC. You can do the. He's going to be the president. So he is now a car expert and a car salesman. Okay He starts going by his middle name. So now he's Napoleon Hill. Offer. Hill. And the Polian was not too far removed from this time, right? The POLIAN. Yeah. No, that's that's why he was named Napoleon. As. Is that. Weird..

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