Fred Girton Gutenberg, Brett Cavanaugh, National Hurricane Center discussed on South Florida Morning Show


Good morning on this Thursday. Storm service comes in from the hurricane and actually got violent amount of water comes in and destroying homes, and it can take lives easily. So that's the key is not being there with the storm surge comes in. So that is National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham from Miami on hurricane Florence which dropped down to a category. Two storm by one mile an hour is expected to still bring massive rain and huge storm surge slept near the coast hunkering down. Tom pale Commissioner in the Outer Banks estimates. Hundreds of residents are staying put the people who are living here and make a decision to not evacuate for making that decision with full knowledge of what that means then massive system is churning closer and could bring a deadly storm surge. A thirteen foot wall of water predicted in some areas with a one two punch up to forty inches of rain so sub tropical storm Joyce has formed. She joins tropical storm Isaac and her. Mccain Helene, which is also weakening go to our website, eight fifty dot com to see the latest activity in the very busy tropics and supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh explaining that he mistook the period of the parkland victim as a protester at his supreme court confirmation hearing last week of which there were more than two hundred people arrested Cavanaugh was leaving and the father of the child that was killed in the school shooting. Fred girton Gutenberg approached him and tried to shake his hand cavenaugh revealed in a letter that he acknowledged Gutenberg because he thought he was a protester Cavanaugh also says if you get realized that the man was he would have shaken his hand expressed his sympathy and listened to him the nine eleven memorial and museum is sending seedlings from the survivor tree to parkland, Florida London and Puerto Rico after the attacks of September eleventh two thousand one workers pulled a damage calorie pear tree from the rubble at ground zero after is nursed back to life and replanted communities from around the world that are experiencing keeling resent seedlings from the tree this year's recipients were chosen following the shooting. Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida the Greenfell tower fire in London and hurricane Maria is devastation in Puerto Rico as rookie news talk. Eight fifty W F T L. Pope Francis meets today with the delegation of US bishops to discuss the clergy sex abuse scandals cardinal Donald world. Washington DC is under fire for allegedly covering up abuse when he was Bishop in Pennsylvania a grand jury. They're released report last month detailing decades of abuse to democrat candidates for New York governor both say they're confident heading into today's primary. Governor Cuomo is urging voters to defy President Trump by voting for him. Changed this.

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