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You don't lose out at it do you really see Tom Brady in Nashville I mean maybe they've got a lot going on Jim I don't know that I'm going to necessarily make my offseason priority built around being able to keep that running back as good as he is I just don't know who was out there and absolutely get up close to market up to pay him you owe me letting him out there than working something out maybe even a short term two or three year deal might be the best course of action but if we're talking about tags and who you can absolutely secure in who you can't I'd be more worried about the quarterback in the right tackle are as good as this conversation is there's no way I let you go without one question about the cowboys pretty clear Dallas is going to tag dak Prescott what do you expect to see happen between the cowboys and Amari Cooper that yeah I mean you get to apply the second tag or not and how quickly do the do the players vote on this new CBA and and do they get all that out and out you know before the start of the leaders no one knows if they have a second tag all absolutely put it one of Marc Cooper if they don't there's no excuse to lose him I mean I don't hear about salary cap I don't want to hear about you know what's good all while we got to pay dak improbable block nobody has revenue streams like the palace job and you know he hasn't spent big there Jerry in a while and you look at his actual cost for payroll the last five seven years that they're not up there with with the biggest spenders in the league so you don't give me money about to pour in you got new TV contracts on the horizon you've got his old quarterback doing real well as well I don't want to hear Jerry Jones can't pay my Cooper if you have to go out in the market give him one penny more than anybody else will and you'll be able to keep the Passover cap you could always figure out a way to lower somebody cap number so there should be no excuses but it'll move Byron Jones and I think that's a significant loss but there should be no excuse not to be able to keep the quarterback and wide receiver especially when you the Dallas Cowboys Houston season U. S. you a really good job of getting out to see an occasional show if you can especially if you're in New York as long as it doesn't interfere I'm curious what's the summer concert viewing tore look like a scene shows in around the area can you travel to a show would be looking at I saw refused in DC last week that was awesome I'm going to see bikini kill in Philadelphia in may I think I'm going to see cheap trick in DC this spring and I haven't looked too deep into the summer yet Jan if you have if you have in your you know your your buddies that live nation anything that meets my eclectic palette you normally get a pardon I think I bring up enough goodwill to radio station I had to cut out a little maybe they might let me yeah I'm asking you because I was looking for some ideas and advice myself but I got to meet cheap trick is pretty intriguing I like that I like the way that's not a problem what a great start to the many times and those guys are legit I've never seen them live I do bump on my workout chase knocking for it and its own set of CBS sports CBSSports dot com G. O. C. sorry to put you out of that meeting because you get yourself a new project co host of inside access to one of five seven the fan in Baltimore congrats on that and congrats on the enormous shot out from us snacks JRC we gotta get you on the show brother we got a list with the script I I'd love to be on the other side you got it done done deal Chelsea you have done my show about ten thousand times Chasen lock in for a so happy for him hearing that shot he is such a pro J. O. C. grinds as great content he is a professional journal all right we go into our Mattoon we set up our number two for you right now open phones at the very top at twenty past Matt Norlander CBS sports college basketball writer joins us I did hate UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara over the weekend that got us again but we're into March it is time to hit college basketball hard Torey Lovullo it was on a dime back match with the top of our number three I've got more thoughts on the past maybe saw joint animated Tom Brady and up in the middle of the road basketball game kind of weird I mean that that's an easy pay to me of what were you doing there what I was doing and America's funniest videos as those two guys what were they doing there if that game and I love that moment Tracy V. Trav old school new.

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