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Uh i think about it a lot i mean it's you know played in five super bowls mean loss in an afc championship game once the three victories at a super bowls but still the oon team the way we came together the the situation at quarterback with drouin tom um what are the chances not just what are the chances those things don't happen all the time to have that when also you you have a conclusion in your mind in the conclusion in your mind as if we don't do this with bledsoe now is that that that that part of the team is solidified and to understand now that even when something like that happens you still never know you still never know how success can be attained how championships can be one there's more than one way to win championships i lived it sy add iit i talk about it all the time when as an analyst and people get heard inau that's done it's done for them wait a second this attend for them you never know what happened so that experience to me is something i think about a lot ryan in terms of no one no one could have thought that thought that that would happen and we would still win a championship the way we did in the way that certain things i mean i i think of my chance that i got at linebacker myself in how it the way he was very similar that johnson goes down cox goes down who's the bruschi kid in know a terry the kicker just that free agent guy you know them so many guys like that were on our team the rabl coming over from pittsburgh the pfeiffer in a lot of guys at a nowhere gist all at once all at once came together like that of course with tom leading the way in his production a quarterback.

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