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Allwheel drive traffic on the threes how the roads look enough brazil theme good at all josh on northbound lover daddy five you're gonna hit the brakes here as you make your way up by 295 then you're in it for good up by southbank street awad twenty eight twentyfour hangs of just before harrison boulevard what's want to buddies jammed from 24 down to the split northbound as heavy getting up past 24 and add from uh from 95 all the way up passed the turnpike its jeb let's see what route 3 looks like here's a question that could they buy frei insurance verb report the first part of the trip from the sack of our author anne overs that you that the spy thought by the time you're up the 228 rockland all bets are off its slow going for their fred up past union straight crust of after ball frei insurance rotor for you only get that little running rapid union street to the expressway then you're it again all the way up to columbia road southbound is heavy on the expressway as you coming from south pay down past the gas tax the mass pike not brake lights in front of you as you're a jammed up between 495 route nine it stays that way passed through one 28 took the supermarket then a kicks report you up north long delays coming out of national were dow passed a crash that just cleared now by one thirteen intends boro then your clear to you get to 495 and that's heavy making your way down all the way toward trouble cole road expect those delays also 495 northbound is a crash up by route two that slows arrive long delays still coming through hey ruslan 495 southbound because of an earlier crash just before your crossover the merrimack river by main street the traffic is jammed up again at ninety three next update's at eight thirteen were wbz's traffic on this dot com wbz news time eight fivetime for us to check the fourday accu weather forecast.

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