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Is now fully responsible for coming up with the list of accounts that sales people will go after and would that changes is that okay well let's say be of nine thousand account that we need to go after in the next few years that's our entire universe nine counts or or or where the accounts it's an ominous of marketings than a sign accounts to the sales demanded than cylcing and figure out who gives those accounts and all that stuff and then the engagement starsem focusing i okay what are the accounts and reno's each council focusing on as a group as a unit and that is a fundamental change i don't know if you're seeing that in many companies but i i've not seen as much in latium starting to see a lot more were marketing owning the process of making sure regarding after the right accounts in it's no longer sales coming up ballistic accounts its marketing definitely seem out more and more the the question that still open is okay but who actually owns the account and the on the story law territorial is i'm going on between sales and marketing sales and while now hey it's my commission stakes i need the ultimate say so on strategy and tactics and so on this count and and other places are on the other extreme are served deal doing is eyesore described more surf team oriented a preez and personally i think the team weren't approach such as you go into larger larger deal sizes makes a lot more sense and then you're not river worried about alignment because the team is working together well but the team doesn't identify as marketing sales or engineering or a customer success they identified as members of the team yeah now i love that ad i think i think part i didn't think common ownership perspective asking the fact that marketing marketing nieces take more ownership i think that's where having marketing is gappling back and nothing marketers as a market or myself i.

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