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From we buy in bulk okay so we're buying a fifty five gallon drums large importers will buy into the three gallon kits and there are good doing as of our competitors do they have to pay for shipping cost ours we don't have to R. manufactures right here in green lake Wisconsin also does the local product it is from Wisconsin is made here in Wisconsin and obviously we all like to hear that you know that's huge and today in in our industry you know when remodeling there's so many things that are coming in from overseas and there's some really cool stuff coming in from overseas some tiles are coming from Italy and and you know I know China's kind of on the hit list right now for everybody but China does put out some good products there's there's it depends on what level you're purchasing at but the problem is the challenge that we have in the remodeling industry is let's say that first of all those products are very expensive and if we have to order a finite amount of that like tile and we are short one tile number wait six to eight weeks to get another one and we're paying a heavy shipping when you have a local manufacturer and you can just walk into a store and buy it that's huge right the other option that we have is to buy way more than we need and then we have to charge a customer for that to make sure with her waist and slippage and everything else you gotta you gotta be careful with that exactly so that that is a big deal another thing that we we talk about is you know your applications when you do this work you use your own people it's not going to be farmed out and you're in every job so that I Zack here's what we're going out there's always a mess you know we're not going to lie to anybody I don't want anybody about that yet the mess is going to be more than you expect it always is when you have people that are principals of the company on the job site I think that's huge because what we want to represent ourselves is doing the best we can so when you look at the job site when you.

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