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On the golf course on the eighteenth fairway with the lake in the mountains in in the whole bob ross painting basically as a as a backdrop i mean it's totally different than any other outdoor game that they've ever tried to i guess create. It's got that whole mystery. Alaska feel in st mayor. I think from the nhl officer and other folks have talked about that specifically that movie trying to you know sort of use that as inspiration to create something. I think it's called. I'm i wish there was a way to do it in still have fans or something like that. I know they. They can't i think the fact that it's such a i guess made-for-tv event because of the way that the rink is being built and where it's being built in all that. Maybe that's the one i guess. If if i'm going to knock it or something you know i would say. I wish there was a way to have fans in. Obviously you know this being covid. Nineteen in coronavirus pandemic and all of that that that makes it tough. But i just i think it's cool. I do wanna see you know sort of how it all comes together and just more than anything. Just what it looks like because i think it's just gonna be all about the visual and and more so than any other outdoor game. Yeah i'm curious. I don't think we've discussed this a lot on the podcast because we haven't had a lot of reason to discuss it on the podcast but dangerous. What are your overall feelings on the nhl outdoor games and the whole experience that the league is. I mean really put into overdrive the last fourteen or so years starting with the two thousand and eight winter classic them love them. Because what are your overall thoughts on these things. I guess that's like. I mean i don't love him i mean just because i'm me and i'm going to always find something to grumble about or whatever but no i think they're cool. I sometimes i sometimes. I worry about when you have two points on. The line in standings are so close because of the in parity that the nhl has with these three points on the line every game in everything that you're playing outside in elements with wind and it might be like literally fifteen or twenty below in these guys out rolling around in a might affect things later on in the standings You can't get the best ice in it might get a funky bounce or all sorts of but you know why it's cool it's worth it I i like the winter classic. I think it's the closest thing to the nhl. Having sort of an event in season nba seems to have christmas day. Thanksgiving is the nfl. Even though bowl games seem to dominate new year's day. The nhl has something. They have that winter classic. You know they have these outdoor games. I thought it was cool that they've done like the heritage thing up in canada where they're playing like cfl stadiums. Different things like that. I i i'm all for spreading the game Trying to different things to capture attention in recognition in the media publicity in an all the sorts of things that come with that. So i if it does those things and i know you know ed grainy. Our colleague has talked some folks this week. And it's going to be writing about that sort of the impact you know just growing the game in in what it has an effect when you see on nbc. It's going to be you know right smack dab in the middle of the day for everybody to kinda see and it's going to be unique and everybody's gonna be talking about it if they were talking about golden knights gold helmets. There are certain getting be talking about you. Know a game on you know outdoor rink next to a next to a lake that peer edward bill maher thought he was going to be able to skate on our air conditioning heating. 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Get a free seventy five dollars. Credit to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash blue wire. This is indeed best offer anywhere. Get a free seventy five dollars. Credit at indeed dot com slash blue wire indeed dot com slash blue on offer valid through march. Thirty first in terms and conditions apply. Still one of the best parts of this whole experience was just getting. Bill myers reaction on camera. And i'm with you. I'm honestly really intrigued. To see how this kind of for tv event as you put it actually resonates not just league-wide but nationwide and how many people they do get to kind of turn it tune in just to see what lake tahoe looks like because i think at least on the local level these events are you know really fascinating and really interesting and really fun so i was a senior in college at the university of minnesota when there was actually a stadium series game at the gophers football stadium bank. The minnesota wild hosted the chicago blackhawks. The wild blue him out in front of fifty thousand fifty thousand fans and it was really awesome. It was really really cool experience. I didn't actually go to the game. But i was Working on stories around it. I got to take a tour before the game happened and it was really cool and there a lot of excitement around it because i was living on campus at the time and could obviously tell that there was plenty of people. There that were hyped about the game. And so i think it really resonates on that level. I'm not so sure that especially a lot of the the stadium series games that are not you know the marquee event the winter classic resonate on kind of more of a nationwide level where people all across the country are talking about him so i'm fascinated to kind of be no see what the temperature looks like of that for the lake tahoe experience. You know saturday afternoon sunday morning. How many people are talking about it you know are the highlights on espn. Or whatever. But for i think you know. Obviously people in las vegas and people locally. I mean how could you not think this is cool. This is between the scenery the location and obviously the opponent. This is about As hyped up of a regular season game as you're ever going.

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