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The kitchen. Yes and doing our facebook lives because she's Yes mess that one day. One day soon coming soon yes i would say look force in the fall. Perhaps with our next like facebook. Live some questions for the ginger. I don't have any questions at all. And if he's okay here yeah then. We get drunk already started doing that. No no no. I was lured here based on alcohol. Ooh yeah we have wine well. Some people whose lives were affected by cova. Did they started doing things that they never had time to do. So there were. There was a lot of free time for a lot of people. Did that happen to you. Did you say like. Ooh all these people are. They have to stay at home. And so now i have extra time and so i'm going to take up this either maybe cooking or some other activity. We're we're looking for anything. That could possibly be interested. It's fascinating please get the fuck out of your someone back. That has something. I'm you know. I actually because of pre covid coming to hang out with you guys and helping you with your social media. I learned all these really cool cooking tactics and new ways of doing things. And how to actually legitimately do things right. That i had just been bullshitting. I'm lot pictures of for result all the time. She's like this. You guys helped me with this. I can't tell you how badly i fucked that up prior to knowing how to actually do it because i came to hang out with you guys. I've been making risotto And cooking before. But i feel like you have like stepped up your game and like you're more comfortable and like you experiment quite a bit like with new things like it doesn't scare you to try new things match cocktail motherfucking turkey turkey turkey. No awful turkey. I cut it spine out with a knife yet. Well in scissors probably the inappropriate pair of scissors. But i mean i wa turkey turkey and smoked it now and i mean took pictures the entire way because if it doesn't happen on facebook we all know it doesn't happen and black garlic okay. All tells about what garlic so besides watching crime shows to inevitably be able to kill someone properly. I also watch a lot of cooking shows and cooking facebook's like there's some link between that don't you think that cooking yet knives knives i what am. I don't know what you might get could be dog food. There's a higher than normal probability that there's at least a little in their dog hair o'hare dog here. It's just it's everywhere. it's my favorite accessory. Did you see this black garlic on cooking show or did you just like randomly. Find it at the store or like at three. Am when i wake up watching cat videos. This whole thing comes across my timeline about how to make black garlic. Oh oh yeah yeah. It's time consuming process. The first of all. I literally am the kind of person that would forget my child at daycare okay. It's not okay hold on just a sidebar story. One day i went over. Is this about huge house. Take care about your toast darkness. So she said she. So i go over in the morning and it just smells like shit. It's been on fire. And i'm like on and i look and there's like three pieces of toast and like four bagel like half's on top of her stove and they're all fucking crusty and burn. She's like i forgot. I put them in the oven and then they burnt and then i've forgotten. Did it again on the find this bitch a toaster for christmas. I bought her a toe circassian and now scares her because she forgets that she put the toasted and then it pops up. Oh really scares the shit out of me every single time. I toast something. Yeah and only walk by at the moment it goes off. Yeah he'll be in the living room and hear it and think there's an intruder but have burned toast. I had no more serious. You have saved me at least fifty bucks a month in brunei bare minimum. I can't tell you probably at least two pieces of burn a day every day. So this black garlic thing like how long you said this time. Concerning is it like months or days or like ours schick. Even watching videos time consuming. I don't even think i'm the biggest attention span is is. I forgot what we were talking about prior to toasting into he was like you can put it in your roaster bang would like the little roaster things that sit on the counter. What are those like a slow cooker this little editor things trustor of surrounding your things. It's an oven. What does that call for counter. It's like you can put it in there or you can put it in your pressure cooker and you have to there for like nine weeks or so like forever on like every single day. When i can't even remember to toasts that i put in five seconds ago that i would have to somehow remember to monitor this machine and make sure it doesn't turn off for nine weeks. That's an awesome. Yeah no for you. So i was really bummed. Because i really wanted to try this thing called black garlic and it's like a superfood and it's really cool looking. It looks like a little lack. Gummy garlic does so lo and behold i was at the big box stores and like it had an entire of this stuff. Its own because i because i saw it. You gave me something to play with nike kansas. One for her to play with the two but like is it. Its own kind of garlic. Click is a specific kind of garlic now with now. now it's just regular garlic. It just says like a call it.

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