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Beauty don't look ahead to use the sperm donor well you know i never seen the original overboard with goldie hawn and kurt russell my sister was a huge fan and i remember she had a copy the film on via jasaan she she just loved it she'd watch it all the time and and it seems like a charming little movie i mean it's it's dragged the original was directed by gary marshall and he has anthem plopped on his hand but he had some good stuff and this wouldn't they switched the roles in in the original goldie hawn was the super rich woman who gets indonesia whereas in this one a gino deborah's who you people don't know him by name but he is the guy he was in that instructions not included in that he he's he was also in geo stormy is a very wellknown hispanic actor and apparently was a big td actor needs kinda made this crossover in american films and end the heat he's done spanishlanguage films for the spanishlanguage market in america that have done extremely well but he plays the wealthy guy who falls off the ship in and loses his men so this looks kinda cute i'm kind of looking forward to the other trail of this week i wanna hit is skyscraper opens on july thirteen other firmly enjoying this thing very much sounder shot three of his name darfour of these cure the assessment what do you think of the building of the pearl was the tallest most advanced building in the world you built a vertical city but you brought with it every single safety and.

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