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It's seven oh three at the bay area's news station kcbs mostly clear inland tonight with fog and low clouds at the coast into the base sunny and cool over the weekend evening i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening a state appeals court has reinstated california's law allowing terminally ill people to end their lives california's fourth district court of appeals issued an immediate stay today putting the state's end of life option act back into effect at least temporarily the court has also given opponents of law until july second to file a petition opposing today's action california attorney general heavier had requested the stay he hails today's ruling riverside county superior court judge daniel ulta leah declared the law unconstitutional last month the judge said then that lawmakers acted illegally in passing the measure during a special session devoted to other issues in striking down the measure otilia did not address whether it is proper to allow people to end their lives the firestorm over the separation of immigrant families at the border is prompting congressional republicans to draft a compromise immigration built that could be considered next week but kcbs politico reported accelerate says house minority leader nancy pelosi of san francisco is already rejecting the legislation and president trump has been sending mixed messages about it house republicans are circulating a draft of an immigration compromise give president trump twenty five billion dollars to build a border wall give daca dreamers a path to citizenship replaced the visa lottery with a merit based system and keep families detained at the border intact but minority leader nancy pelosi says the bill doesn't actually say families can't be separated and the white house could end that practice as quickly as a began at two months ago derek this is not what america is but this is the policy of the trump administration president trump and his extraordinary impromptu news conference on the white house lawn says it's pelosi's party that's to blame i hate the children being taken away the democrats have to change their that's their long in fact this policy blossomed when the attorney general amounts zero tolerance at the border in ordered criminal prosecution of undocumented immigrants which require separation of adults from kids pelosi says we don't need a bill to end.

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