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Can we really exhausted and feeling like you're not being heard whether it's your food order not being delivered correctly even know you know you typed it out the way that is supposed to be your partner too busy watching their favorite instagram. Live while not paying attention to you just like the world right like just ignoring you. Yeah it can sometimes feel like you're shouting into a boy without anything changing like hello. Can you hear me out there but you know who is listening to making changes style. At and t. They're doing whatever it takes to show that all their customers voices are heard. So here's what they're doing. They're given every customer both new and existing the same great deal. Did you hear me. I said no matter if you've been with them forever or you're just thinking about it every single person because the same deal checkout smartphone pricing. That's fair for everyone at att dot com slash best deals restrictions apply. We speaking of bill at that make them look good now. He's cancel said of. Yeah wait a minute Because i think. I was looking on your your credits. And i saw hamilton their experiments to when when was your run with us because i helped workshop hamilton So i did the original tape like the last not the last workshop at the second last workshop to hamilton we did a workshop up at vassar. At new york's asian film which was amazing And then i did A raisin in the sun. And i couldn't really do anything while i was doing a raisin in the sun because it was a three hour tour and and i was a really busy and heavy show and dramatic. I didn't have a lot of space to do other things while that was happening. They were still doing work Another workshop for it after that and They got the lovely rene goldsberry ensure he ended up being blessed with the role. But that's how things happen. You know what. I'm looking sometimes sometimes is bill. I was. I was not that. I thought you're going to bring up being on the sesame street float which is what you and uneager have in common other than many other things. But she. When i read that she was in the initial hamilton thing. I was like wait a minute bill. That's that's your whole world. I didn't know that. Now i wasn't i wasn't there during that but i knew that a nico was the first anjelica. Many many moons ago. Okay yeah okay. I was just confused..

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