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Going to continue to throw around the football right now and built the world of the NFL. And also, the NC double A M. We'll do so with the former NFL linebacker now a member of the Vikings radio network, and you can also catch him on Saturdays on FOX calling college football. And that's Ben Lieber who's kind enough to join us on CBS sports radio Bennett's at gal. Thanks for a few minutes. And how are you? I'm doing great, man. How you doing well doing great, and we do preciado a few minutes. Let's start it off. With the Vikings is the Vikings team coming off the bye, they had the bears in Chicago coming up on Sunday night football bear sitting at six and three Vikings at five three and one. This is one big match up in the in the NFC north just happened. This one coming up on Sunday. It's it's hard to believe, you know, we were talking about earlier today. America radio show this morning that who would have thought that this game on Sunday nights going to be a must win for the Vikings. If they feel like they want to control their own destiny, and and women division, and all that stuff, you've got a bear. And a couple of weeks ago. We talked about the same scenarios about who's going to battle for the AFC north, and nobody was really taken the bear seriously. And and everybody's still seemed to think that it was between the Vikings and the Packers. And in the way, the bears have been playing you have to absolutely take him. Seriously. Now Trubisky has found a nice rhythm. He's being really smart with football. They're they're intern being really smart with how they use inside and outside the pocket. And you know, I think everybody knows that they can do with that pass rush, especially when they had the lead. So it's going to be a big time match up, and you know. Even in my time when I was at the Vikings. We just didn't play well in Chicago. And I don't know what it is like even when we felt like we had the better team that we're more talented. It didn't matter if we're playing at noon or for playing that night. There's something about that stadium that the Vikings just a little bit flat. And I'm a little bit worried because of that, but historically the last couple of years the Vikings are pretty slow after the by itself. They don't come out of the gates, really, truly refreshed and fast. So it may take a quarter or a half for them to get going. When you look at this one, and you see a big primetime stage on Sunday to hear what you're saying about the Vikings in Chicago. But you look at experience you got Mike Zimmer I know this is Kirk cousins first year there in Minnesota. But he's been around the league for a long time. And you got a young quarterback going up against a rookie head coach. How much is experience matter in this one especially that position. It certainly matters. Right. I mean, yours would probably lean on the guy that's been there and done that a little bit more often. The thing that worries me though, is this is an offense. That's folded after Andy Reed's offense in Kansas City. It's very similar to the new age approach. The college football approach about a lot of guys emotional before the snap. Shifting personnel around. Coming out in different formations with different personnel and really kind of playing the game before the fall even snapped. And that's that's the type of system has given Mike Zimmer problems going all the way back to the divisional round game against the saints. The saints are really good at doing that. They're probably not quite as progressive. As maybe the eagles are and were ever eagles game lacks, David really gave them problems. And that is that is sort of falling into this as well that the teams that do that pre snapper given like Zimmer problems now they have played better as late, but they really have a plate any offenses like that either. So that's gonna be thing that I'll be watching as well as just how do they approach this game with this type of team? You know, have they learned their lesson sort of chasing ghosts like they did against the Rams, but what is it specifically more in detail about this team this year 'cause they're five three and one they still have a chance to win this division. Obviously. But they're not as dominant as what people would have thought with the Vikings going into this year. A couple of factors. I mean, injuries injuries Carrie dout about it. It injuries always happen. And it seems like they they got bit pretty good with a couple of key injuries. Most notably Alvin cook expecting him to come back in a fury after the ACL last year. And then it's been nagged by a hamstring agree in, thankfully, he played in the Detroit game right before the by. And had a nice little seventy yard run. And on top of that, you know with all these new metrics and the way we track players, you know, they had them clocked at twenty two miles an hour, which was the fastest biking so far this year and in one of the faster guys in the NFL. So the hamstring is back. He seems to have that top end speed back. So that's a huge huge advantage for the Vikings defensively they've been banged up. And and that's been an issue. I think having a new offense coordinator, it was taking a little bit of time to find this balance. I mean, I think we we see what cousins can do. He can he can be deadly accurate. And I think everybody's starting to realize the talent. And Adam sealant is that that we've known in around the parts for a while. But now the Dacian sort of knows what type of talent he is. So it's taking a while. I think for the whole offense to find that balance that are looking for. And then like I said defensively, you know, I think they came out of the season sore thinking like, hey, we can just kinda show up, and you know, we're gonna be rockstar defense. Like, we've always been and they got punched in the mouth few times. And I think in in a good way they got punched mouth and humbled a little bit. I think there are there are more aggressive tomatoes defense than they were previously at the start of the season. So I think they're starting to really come into form. But it has taken the team quite a few games to try to get get themselves. Lethem we're talking with Ben Lieber right now in CBS sports radio. We'll get to the college ball in just a second. But I do want to ask you about a former teammate going back to your days on the west coast with the chargers. And that's drew Brees. What is it like feed is still see him play in the way that he is right now because it's remarkable year in year out what he's able to do in a football field. Jealous. You know, there's there's quite a few guys. You know, they're Terrence. Up here and he's still up your coaching with the Vikings. But he's another guy that looked at K state together. And I looked at him. Like, man, I I just don't know how you do it, man. I mean, everybody at that. At this age is banged up. And you're playing always with injuries and whatnot and more than anything else. It's such a mental grind, you know. It's such such a motion grind. I put my ten years in. And I'm like, I'm done, man. I I just I don't want to deal with this the stress and the the anxiety in fighting through injury of all the time. So I look at what drew is doing. Now, what Tarrant certainly did for a long time. And I'm just jealous, man. They they they're able to play the game at a high level and still be fresh. And I think you know, drew is is playing as strong as he's played maybe ever. I mean, he's still looks like he's right in the Middle East primates thirty nine years old. It's remarkable. There's no doubt about it. Let's get to the college Notre Dame and Syracuse this weekend at Yankee Stadium. Notre Dame two games left in the regular season. They'll have Syracuse like I said this upcoming week. And then they're at USC is noted. I'm gonna win. Both these games, Ben. Yeah. I think they are. I think they are you know, with with Syracuse. It's a great story. Right. I think you know, Dino's done there. It's been pretty remarkable. You know, I think he's obviously proven himself as a coach I think they have some talent there. But I think the thing is when you really boil it down do they really have the talent across the board to compete against Notre Dame right now. And I don't think that they do in book is completely changed how you approach and how you think about Notre Dame. He's gonna be you know, as healthy as he's been in a while coming in for this game. That defense is is legit and they're gonna get after Syracuse the whole time. So, you know, the neutral site, I think. Helps Syracuse a little bit. But I still think Notre Dame is still built to play in the elements. And that's one reason why I liked him. I think they are a tough rugged football team that is built for this type of weather in this type of atmosphere. So yeah, I think that they win this game and the USC game, you know, USC they can they might be looking for a head coach after this weekend. I mean, they still have a lot of things to figure out certainly not the season that they they were anticipating. And so I do think that Notre Dame does take care of them as well. And they get McCulloch playoffs. How about Michigan? Maybe the college football playoff you figure. They would easily take care of Indiana this weekend. But then they had that matchup begin. So high of state but Michigan looks like the rolling right now. The same sort of thing. I I look at you know, it's the same way I sort of evaluate NFL teams, you know, who who's built for a championship run who's built to play in the elements if they have to play in the elephants, and and who isn't mentally tough football team. And obviously Alabama's their Clemson is there and I feel like Michigan because of that defense. And I think that's the one thing that the the committee looks at as well is who's a bounce football team. You know, who's who's not only can control the ball and run the ball, but who can play really good defense. And I think the rewarding some of these teams that plagued the defense, and I think Michigan should be deserves to be up there and in the conversation. So I I do like what they got going on right now. I think they take care of business in the big ten and and they play off as well. We always look at the situation that can create the most chaos, and then we get into that conversation of expansion. Bama in Georgia. I really do think these these the two games we talked about in the Bama Georgia game really will decide how this college football playoff shaped bow because if Georgia defeats bam SEC title game, then there's going to be one of those teams that probably should get in. That's not going to get in. Because you have to think Bama is still get in even if they only have one loss. Yeah. I mean, that's gosh. I don't even know what would happen that situation. You you'd have a lot of upset people. No matter how you you shake it out. I think the committee got it right last year and getting back Bama, and they're clearly proved that they were the best in the world in the country. And and I think that's how it's going to look as well is who's going to compete in the top four and who really is a legit top four football team. And I would be surprised if Georgia did come out and beat them if to us healthy, which sounds like he'll play this weekend. It's citadel. But I imagine they'll be one of those like quick poll sort of things in the first quarter. Nothing something like that. Probably. Yeah. Exactly. And I don't think there's much debate with a healthy too. I don't know any any team even Clemson that can stop these guys. They're they are the most explosive that they've been in a really long time. And now the defense is not probably where you want it to be. But it's still a really good defense. Yeah. I mean like you said the the chaos that would ensue if Georgia did beat them. I would love to see it. I mean shoot I would love to see the citadel Alabama's weekend might it be. It'd be fun to sit back and watch. And how how the single all got sorted out. But certainly at that, you know, the championship game time if Georgia comes out and beats them then. Yeah. Somebody's gonna get left out. And and you may just see Bama get west out. And I'd be really be something. I think is going to get in regardless of even one loss. I think they've they find a way to get in. But let me ask you this in terms of expansion. Do you think we're close to it? Did you think it's so far away? How do you think they'll attack that DNC? I think it's gonna take something like that for them to really really consider the expansion and. You know, money always speaks to let's say that bama's out of it. You know, this this is storage. Good offense and team for Alabama is left out of the top four. I think you're gonna have a whole nation. Even even the Alabama haters. I think are going to come out and say, all right. We we have to do something here because as much as it's fun to hate on them. If you're not a fan. He also understand that you want to see your team compete with them. You want to see them at the on the biggest stage, and and so I think it's gonna take some sort of catastrophe like that before, you know, with with some of the blue bloods before I think you really get some serious consideration. I think it's always there. It's always percolating. But if you wanna see a raging boil over the top, then I think you're going to have to have a scenario like you're talking about where we're Alabama's out or or clemson's out, you know, because right now, nobody really cares at the big twelve is out. And nobody cares. If the if the Pac twelve is out it's all about. The three other conferences on the east. And that's it. But let me ask you this. Then let's just say me run the scenario by you, so Georgia, let's say they'd be Bama, which is a big if but let's say they're able to run the football like they are. And they find a way to keep to off the field, and they beat Bama. So Bama would have one loss Georgia..

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